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  1. Feels like oil has been put on every kerb and are so inconsistent one lap it’s fine the next I’ve turned into Flo Rida and singing “you spin me right round” games a complete joke. I’m not even setting bad times but when one lap you have confidence and the next you don’t and every race I’ve been in (50%) only 8/9 cars are finishing due to the game being just garbage.
  2. Read the whole post and you’ll realise that’s not true 🤡
  3. I’m more than happy to get a screenshot to prove this to you 🤷🏼‍♂️😂and the top time on PlayStation is a 24.1...... my time is a 25.0. Last game I was doing a 24.7 just seems this game is faster when it shouldn’t be the case
  4. I only run abs on and line. It shouldn’t be that way though it’s an officially licensed game mario kart seems more realistic 😂. How can they think it’s okay to release a game that’s nearly 4 seconds in pace different to real life baffles belief
  5. Mate I’m 1.1 seconds faster than the Austria 🇦🇹 pole time by Verstappen..... it’s all wrong..... I’m also 3.9 seconds faster than his time at Bahrain 🇧🇭 on a 25.0 so how’s that then bud? Every year these games get worse and worse and we stand for it
  6. Why are the cars so much faster than last year when in real life they are a mile slower.... doesn’t make sense whatsoever feels really sloppy that this has been allowed to happen. 2019 was the best game last year was worse and again this year it seems unless a performance patch to slow all cars down comes out what’s the point? The cars are far slower through fast corners but feel much faster somehow on this game...... big update needed.
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