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  1. Ankara/Turkey. vdsl 2. okey will be verified and replied as soon as possible. i can play f1 2020 multiplayer without receiving error on a different computer in turkey.
  2. restarted my pc. router updated ipconfig result is same which is sometimes to be kicked in lobby, sometimes this black screen errror appears after seeing "migrating host". so, one of the previous race i saw "migrating host" notice but able to keep racing at the end. eventually i can not play 5 games one after the other. waiting for help...
  3. I received this error seeing "migrating host" afterwards this "error" appeared on my screen end of the 2nd race's qualifying session. irritating...
  4. i reserved to 103. at the end of the 4th race, everyone started to left session one by one strangely. i still hard to understand what is the problem.
  5. IPv4 Adress: Default Gateaway: nearly every single lobby session. disconnect from lobby, leaving alone while the other players who connect to the lobby again.
  6. okey. thank you. i will try it. i disabled everything about nod 32 security. strangely i see "migrating host" notice at the first race but nobody disconnect the race so i was able to complete race. but at the beginning of the third race, in the lobby, before start the session i received "There are not enough the players to start the session, you will be redirect to lobby" notice. very strange. i tried ipcomfig/all so what i have to do?
  7. i tried everything including port forwarding. by the way i use vdsl internet connection.
  8. I use nod 32 internet security. when i disable the firewall completely, i see same problem on my pc every second middle of the race. sometimes to be kicked in the lobby session when the other players about to start the session. okey. got it but how can i allow these ports using nod 32? not have idea.
  9. so i edited. can you fix the problem or not? "migratin host" i think you are well informed about this bug.
  10. A detailed description of the issue. after having 1 race, (especially middle of the second race) suddenly disconnect (keep racing but understand that other users appears red cross mark which is indicated lose connection) from race by receiving "migratin host" afterwards everyone appears "left in the session" on the screen Platform PC What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.18 Ranked/Unranked/Leagues Ranked Wired or Wireless Connection? wired/vdsl i tried port forwarding
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