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  1. I really really thank you @BarryBL, it works now!!! 🙂 I have to find another antivirus, since bitdefender seems to be incompatible with F1 2021, but I don't care. What's important to me is that I can play F1 again! 🙂 Thank you so much for your help, I appreciated it!
  2. Thank you @BarryBL I'e completely shut down the antivirus but I had another Ego Dumper error. Do you suggest to completly uninstall bitdefender or is there something else causing trouble? These are the file of the new dumper error 800360-20210810-154437.dmp 800360-20210810-154437.off dred.txt hardware_settings_config.xml hardware_settings_info.xml info.txt
  3. @BarryBL These are all the files in the crash_dump#800360-20210810-123701-0.zip folder. Thank you and let me know if you need anything else 800360-20210810-123701.dmp 800360-20210810-123701.off dred.txt hardware_settings_config.xml hardware_settings_info.xml info.txt
  4. Of course, here's the Ego dumper report, thanks EGO Dumper errore.txt
  5. A detailed description of the issue: Until yesterday I was able to play F1 2021 without any problem, but since yesterday, after the download of the patch 1.06 (maybe it's just a coincidence) I can't run the game because it crashes when I start it up. I tried to reinstall the game, update drivers, check corrupt files with Steam, start with -safemode and some other trouleshooting found online from people with the same problem, but nothing helped. Sometimes an Ego Dumper error show up when I start the game and sometimes it simply crashes and I have to restart the PC, but anyway I can't pl
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