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  1. I guess you just don't care about the players then. What a terrible company! Take your money and run, no after care at all to the players. Joke of a company, you should be ashamed.
  2. 807588-20210914-203324-0.zip Unfortunately the recent patch did not fix our issue, attached is the file requested.
  3. Anything at all?? Very poor aftercare. £50 each and the game has been unplayable for two months at this point. Any time frame of if or when this will be looked at and fixed?
  4. Any feedback for our issue? Been stuck like this since the game come out, We would very much like to play please.
  5. When pressing advance to contract negations on our online career the game crashes and asks us to send a dump report. My Report code is AABP-CVPM-VGRC-ACJE my friends is DSBS-CHMJ-HVKD-CKMG We are both on PC Steam online career Two players, He will comment below. My friend is the host We have tried everything we can think of. changing setting, engine parts anything we can to try and get it to not crash but it always instant crashes as soon as we both are ready to advance. I can upload a video of us pressing advance and then it instantly crashing if
  6. It indeed has been a very long time, myself and my friend got to the negotiations on season 1 and have not been able to progress since. £50 for a gam we played for a couple of days is quite unfair. We are worried if we start a new season it will just happen again, or happen in season 2. we just want to play !!
  7. Me and my friend have this issue. I'm not sure if this helps but this is what i did just before. I am the second drive and when we came up to the contract renewal of season one I went over to the right hand menu for my driver contract and negotiated a deal with the same team for the least money. I then when back to the calendar and now when we both accept the, start negotiations option, the game crashes completely and asks us to send a crash report every single time.
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