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    Hello people
    i love formula 1 since the playstation 1 years with the ea sports formula 1 2000 of the playstation 1, and for that i have a youtube channel and who can leave a like and subscribe to the channel i appreciate it
    A hug.


  2. It would be wonderful to see these 2 beautiful cars in the f1 2021 game
    #codemasters #brazil #racingahead



    Hi guys
    we will be doing a gameplay in the deluxe version of the game starting on the 14th and July on our youtube channel.
    subscribe to our channel to know everything about virtual f1.


  4. We are all looking forward to F1 2021, I am very excited now that EA sports is taking over the Formula 1 franchise with codemasters, we hope that more and more people will be able to enter this wonderful world of esports.

    #codemasters #easports %racingahead

  5. we are already looking forward to this wonderful new game
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