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  1. Voidhawk

    DiRT5: Future Release?

    They should do what they done with original Dirt way back when....... I think each online rally was up to 100 simultaneous drivers
  2. Voidhawk

    update my pre+order

    I think you can cancel pre order and re-order deluxe.
  3. Voidhawk

    DiRT5: Future Release?

    I may be being selfish here but if a future Dirt 5 would hinder evolution of future Dirt Rally series then I’d prefer they ditch it. The racing genre (okay rally ain’t racing as such) seems to lean towards simulation these days. With the exception of Forza Horizon the majority of successful car games have leaned more towards simulation than arcade. Arcade racing seems pretty dead to me. Having said all that I’d personally love a new ridge racer..... but I’m going way off topic.
  4. Voidhawk

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I get your point. However a real rally driver drives these yearly...... A gamer several times a day perhaps. Big difference. however you will see from my previous post that I wholeheartedly support this game. As a gamer I enjoy the re runs and approach the game trying to continuously improve my times. An unrealistic rally perspective but an enjoyable gaming one 🙂
  5. Voidhawk

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Codemasters are not a huge house like Rockstar. They probably have a budget of 1% or less than the huge studios. If anything Codemasters are smaller than they were in the past. Rally games are a very niche market. With likely sales of less than 100,000 copies we have to wholeheartedly support them to ensure the future of rally games. If they sold millions of copies (never will) then criticism of limited scope would be valid. I would happily pay £20 for each additional rally location. As a carer I work for minimum wage so that would be a large chunk of my disposable income. But such is my passion for rally games. If this title fails then rally games will follow the sad fate of tennis and cricket games. They will simply cease to exist!
  6. Voidhawk

    Any active Leagues on Xbox?

    If you run a currently active league on Xbox please post it here. It seems impossible to find active leagues.
  7. Voidhawk

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    The choice is stark, Clear and ultimately fair.... support the game, make it profitable and the future is bright..... don’t support the game, it flops and there is no future for rally games!