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  1. Voidhawk

    No asynchronous online leagues

    No link. I just read it from a forum post whereby someone stated that Codemasters said it would be within weeks rather than months.
  2. Voidhawk

    No asynchronous online leagues

    Leagues are confirmed as coming at some point in the not too distant future.
  3. Voidhawk

    Dirt Rally 2.0 Delete Car History

    Except most of the lower tier cars are only available used.
  4. Voidhawk

    Daily/Weekly AI Challenge

    I guess the main point to them is earning credits like with the other daily and weekly events.
  5. Voidhawk

    Repair Cost .... WTH

    You can always hop back in the Fulvia for free repairs 🙂
  6. It doesn’t really matter. I’m a very low skilled player too. The whole game is still open to us we just have to keep that slider in the very easy mark. i get your point though as on Forza I play on highly skilled for a similar challenge!
  7. Voidhawk

    Timings are off. Possible bug?

    Yep that is the exact reason.
  8. Voidhawk

    Timings are off. Possible bug?

    The first part of your statement I agree with. I too have found that the sector timings do not match the timings on right. However there is a valid reason for your second part. The timings shown reflect those cars who have run BEFORE you, so if you were say 10th in running order of your class you could beat the other 9 but you may well be slower than the other 20 who have yet to run.
  9. Yes like in Dirt Rally 1. Let you choose any level equal or below what you’ve achieved and number of stages per rally.
  10. Furthermore I don’t get why it bothers people. You find your level of play within its structure. The only downside for someone like me who is a bottom 25% player is that the lower tier championships are too short. But I can live with that as I can always jump into Freeplay if I’ve the urge for an epic length championship.
  11. I guess in the daily and weekly tournaments.... but you raise a good point. i don’t touch Rallycross so hadn’t considered this.
  12. You can use any car for rally at any level. This was a design decision for Rallycross to realistically represent the sport.
  13. I honestly think if only 10 people could get to Masters then that’s too hard. But I’m perfectly happy if only 1% of players achieve it. You should need to be a Master to compete at that level.
  14. Ah cheers. I knew I’d done it but couldn’t recall how. In a way that’s good as you can now abandon a championship and keep your level if you so wish..... Good for running events in a new car while upgrading!
  15. It’s definitely much harder in all levels. That in itself doesn’t bother me providing it is not impossible. Has anyone reached Masters yet?