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  1. Thank goodness we can turn off those repetitive post stage comments. They drive me absolutely bonkers!
  2. Thanks for the info. I would have preferred 8 but can live with 6. My only huge disappointment is the lack of custom championship, or even custom rally. I really hope they rectify this but I’m not sure they are as hot on after sale support as codies.
  3. What is the AI problem you refer to? I’m finding it to be quite consistent and better than Dirt Rally 2 AI which seems all over the place depending on vehicle driven. Has anyone reached the WRC in their career yet. I hope it has more stages per rally than the 4 that are in Junior and WRC2
  4. Doesn’t show Greece in the list of items in season 3/4. Just lists first 6 items. However after deleting season 3 token and reinstalling it “kicked in” a Greece download for me 🙂
  5. Xbox one x still telling me to purchase Greece. Own all 4 seasons. Can not access Greece in any Mose in the game.
  6. One thing that is a bit of a downer is I see no option to set up a custom championship.
  7. At the start of your stage it tells you the running order. Check out how many (in your class) are running before you. The split time for sectors during the stage only take account of those who ran before you. This is why you saw a discrepancy. If you were last in running order you’d see everyone’s times during the stage. If you were first you’d only see your own time and all sectors would be green even if the majority beat you.
  8. Read it again he says "I don't think they won't be in career mode" double negative.... he DOESNT think they won't.... Hence he thinks they will!
  9. Great to hear your career is now working 👌 All tutorials are most welcome. I’ve never learned to rally properly.
  10. What I find incredible is that people even hack negative times.... it’s meaningless Although the above seems more like a server side screw up.
  11. That is awful. How about deleting save from cloud and restarting...... if possible
  12. The Fulvia will be in your garage. You can do events with it and build up your cash 🙂
  13. I think this maybe why the Fulvia is free to repair..... so that you never get truly stuck however low funds are. Abandon event. I know that’s not really desirable but hopefully these teething issues will be resolved.
  14. I totally get where you are coming from. 🙂 Perhaps the solution would be that you choose when going into "my team" whether you wish your career to be offline or online. If you choose offline then they could grey out online events. If you then later wish to play online events within "my team" you can restart a fresh career. That would solve the potential hacking concerns.
  15. If the "my team" is as limited in scope as career in Dirt Rally 1 then you make a fair point. I read that cars can be damaged in between events. So perhaps a car you wish to use for a weekly event is then unavailable. On Saturday I'll get to play and see if I can make sense of Codemasters decision. I just think that we all need to examine the reasons before knee jerk reactions. We don't want a scenario where they patch this to be offline and then we all wish they didn't. Further clarification on reasons why would be welcome from Codemasters.
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