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  1. Philmcphil

    A "frenchy" in the house

    Thank you 😉
  2. Philmcphil

    Screenshots Sessions

    The reason why is that here is an option to leave it or remove it .....
  3. Philmcphil

    SIMUCUBE software users

    Only sharing settings steering wheel and suggestions 😉
  4. Philmcphil

    Screenshots Sessions

    Post your best "DIRT RALLY 2.0" screenshots sessions 😉
  5. Philmcphil

    SIMUCUBE software users

    Let´s share here suggestions, constructive feedback and software settings ... Staff help is welcome...
  6. Philmcphil

    A "frenchy" in the house

    Hello Sim Racers, i´m Phil 48 years old sim racer since 10 years and a real passionate....I´ve been on all platform (nothing to demonstrate saying this) I play on PC only, i use a Direct Drive Mige 30NM working on the SIMUCUBE software triple screen and cockpit I think DIRT 2.0 is a great and really immersive game. My wish on the futur updates: -VR working -A "pro users" leader board ranking .Player that don´t use any assistance... Congratulation for the game and see you on track. Here is my STEAM PROFILE