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  1. wrighty1997

    What would be NEW in F1 2014???

    maybe the very easy is like amateur difficulty is on f1 2013 and amateur is like semi pro etc, therefore meaning legend is harder than it is now as there is no need for a level any easier than the current difficulty
  2. wrighty1997

    Ideas for replays of F1 2014

    there should be commentary in the replays and the ability to watch from POV of other drivers for either f1 2014 or 2015
  3. As it maybe next gen they have possibly had to change a lot, so they may not be able to show anything yet. I believe it is next gen without a last gen port. If thats the case then i'll be looking foward to christmas this year with a PS4 and f1 2014, driveclub, project CARS, FIFA 15 & NBA 2k15
  4. wrighty1997

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    In f1 2014 there needs tobe a reintroduction of the paddock menu as in f1 2010, there needs to be after session interviews. Commentary with the option for it to be removed and in english have a choice between the commentators on sky or bbc like in fifa. Option for warm up laps, podium animations and grid animations like in f1 06. 3 practice sessions must return on long race weekend and dont try to remove three qualifying sessions or option of 100% races. As like this season, tine the wear down, it was spot on in f1 2013 like real life but it isn't as big this year. Add ERS power output to the D-Pad list like with fuel mix as you no longer press a button to control it. Use that free button to add back pit limiter control like in f1 2010. Add the option to view other cars in after race replays and on the garage monitor in practice and qualifying. Graphics are almost perfect for current gen so thats good but it needs to be improved for next gen and up to 60FPS, it needs to be on PS4 and XBOX ONE this year.