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  1. A detailed description of the issue. Two issues that are likely connected (happened in the same session): 1) Delta speed timer cut short by "Safety Car coming back into pits" message resulting in DT Penalty I entered the pits during Safety Car. After exiting the pits I could not see the Delta for several seconds due to the yellow "CATCH SAFETY CAR QUEUE" banner at the top of the screen. The timer then appeared but stopped abruptly with 12.3 seconds remaining when the "SAFETY CAR COMING IN THIS LAP" Message appeared, resulting in me getting a Drive-Through Penalty for "speeding
  2. I was playing unranked the other day in Portimao. The Safety Car came out. After 1 lap a message popped up saying it was coming back in (that was fast ?!). The lights went green and everyone went full speed again…except the SC car was still on track. My buddy got DSQ’d for passing it. It stayed on track for the rest of the race.
  3. Nope just a regular user. Didn’t realize this was a restricted feature - I just removed the tags to avoid confusion
  4. Yup same happened to me and my brother in co-op career. Super annoying. How did nobody think of a SKIP button?
  5. Isn't that kind of the point of softs? They are fast, but wear off quickly. Same thing happens in real F1 races. Maybe set your AI difficulty higher if it's too easy
  6. do you have a link to the calendar? nvmd, found it https://then24.com/2021/09/17/this-will-be-the-formula-1-calendar-for-2022/ I already don’t believe it’s legit because they put Melbourne as one of the first races. There is no way that’s happening.
  7. I just want some slick clean patterns, most of the liveries are way too busy and messy 😕
  8. Keep it civil guys… If you’ve got nothing to say about Portimao (the subject of this thread) please move on
  9. Anyone else remember Ubisoft's "Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2"? It was the sequel to Ubi's "F1 Racing Simulation". The company had lost the F1 license after the first title, but released an F1 game anyway, without the F1 branding and with made-up driver names and manufacturers. The game did have all the official race tracks and the company supplied a livery editor and the ability to edit the track textures. The modding community (of which I was a part of) took it upon themselves to release "unofficial official" patches to make the cars look like the real F1 cars, and update the looks o
  10. You make a very good point @marioho. It actually wouldn't surprise me if Codemasters had a bunch of pre-production level racetracks laying around (Turkey, Mugello, etc.) which have just been brought to the block-out stage but not further. The general shape of the circuit may be there, some rough terrain around it but not much else. If not, it may be smart for the studio to start thinking about bringing most of the potential F1-grade circuits to that stage at least to be able to react more quickly to future calendar changes. We need to remember that what happened in the last 2 years was no
  11. If you have a background in 3D Asset creation you should also understand that it would not have been financially feasible for Codemasters to release the game after the F1 season is literally over. I would have also preferred to have all the tracks in the game at launch but due to the calendar being announced so late it wasn't possible and I much prefer the way they are doing it over having to skip a year or waiting until December to play the game. Anyways, let's not let this thread turn into another "WHY DIDN'T THE TRACKS COME OUT RIGHT AWAY" thread, we have plenty of those already.
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