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  1. I don't know that, but logically I would imagine that when you have basically everyone in E-Sports pointing out that there is an issue with a track, it would lead to it being flagged internally and priority would be increased. Games typically release with hundreds, thousands of bugs when they ship. Most of them low priority, many marked as "will not fix", and you're likely to never even encounter the great majority of them. The infamous Suzuka bump I think received a great deal of coverage and everybody knew about it. I don't know if it got fixed because of that or because an artist took it up
  2. The bump in Suzuka did get fixed, so clearly they are able to correct those issues if enough people notice them and complain about it.
  3. One important thing to know is that how things look in a game vs how things behave and interact with the character model (or in this case, the car) aren't necessarily connected at all. Visual geometry (what you see on screen) is completely separate from collision geometry (invisible to the eye) in games. As an example, think of a flight of broken old stairs in Assassin's Creed. The visual mesh will have cracks and some of the steps may not be completely straight, but the collision mesh will be just perfectly box shaped steps, stacked on top of one another, for the character model to interact w
  4. Oh I see what you mean. Yeah I agree. That kerb is super annoying. It's possible that whoever built the collision for that kerb built it slightly too tall or the angle is not smooth enough, or it maybe something more deeply engrained in the way the game processes kerb physics globally throughout the game. I'm really not sure.
  5. Hehe yeah, although to be fair most of us grew up calling devs the same thing when we played our favourite games. On the upside, when a game is really well done you have a whole new level of appreciation for the work that went into it. My fiancee has gotten used to me pausing every 5 seconds to stare at nicely detailed brick walls and stuff like that.
  6. The bus stop chicane in Spa. Yeah the track surface is too flat compared to its real-life counterpart. It wouldn't take very long to fix it, maybe a few days or so, maybe as little as a day even. I'm just estimating this based on the tools I know and work with, but they may have internal tools to speed up some of these processes. Based on what I saw in the Zandvoort making-of they do use 3Ds Max and use Substance Painter for texturing stuff like kerbs. I'm highly familiar with both so I think my estimates are somewhat accurate but there may be other stuff I'm missing. Not sure what yo
  7. Sure. First of all, when I say 2 weeks I mean ten 8-hour days. I would probably need a little bit less than that, but I would use the remaining time to polish my changes. Here is Turn 10 for reference. Old: New: The new Turn 10 is a brand new corner, not just from the top, but in X, Y and Z dimensions as well, meaning there is a new & different elevation change throughout the turn, compared to the existing turn and the old, wider Turn 10 that was used as a run-off zone previously. This means I would have to basically completely rebuild the turn from scratch. Ge
  8. I don't know their pipeline and workflows and stuff but Turn 10 in Spain would take me about 2 weeks (ish) in terms of pure modelling and texturing changes. I am a Sr. Environment Artist at Ubisoft. The Australia changes would take a lot more time because the track work hasn't even been completed yet and they would have to work off of blueprints (not necessarily reflective of the final result). Also almost every corner on the track is undergoing some kind of change. So for Australia I agree it makes sense to update it in the next game. I don't understand not doing the changes to T10
  9. I’ve been having the same issue on DX12. Random crashes. All drivers up to date. Gonna try deleting the xml before I dare go near my BIOS
  10. Interesting, the official F1 website still shows the original layout. I gotta say, I am very curious as to how this track layout translates to a real qualifying/race.
  11. May I just say....the Alpine engine sounds absolutely horrible.
  12. Think of the new game as a new season. Teams change liveries every season (some more than others). I have a livery in F1 2020 right now that I really love, but if they don't port that livery over to 2021 my plan is to just use the same colour scheme with a new livery 🙂
  13. What I don't understand is, why don't all the players who want the game to be more sim-like just play games that are more sim-like, such as iRacing, rFactor and ACC? What's stopping you? Nobody is forcing you to play the F1 games, there are many other alternatives available to you. Personally, I like both sims and arcade-sims like F1. All types of racing games offer different kinds of challenges, but you won't see me on iRacing's forums demanding they make the game more arcadey to satisfy my preferred play style or whatever. The game is what the game is, if it's not realistic enough for y
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