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  1. Looks pretty finished to me and sorry for low-quality image, i couldn't download it straight from the xbox companion app for some reason
  2. for me, it took me i think 3 f1 games to get good at it without any serious practicing, so i guess itll just come with time but id still recommend practicing or watching tutorials because 3 years is a long time 🤣
  3. knowing how multiplayer cheaters are, they probably found some way to exploit it
  4. maybe a few will be recycled into 2021, similar to how some of the old 2019 multiplayer car liveries came over to 2020.
  5. porpule2

    Gulf Mclaren

    if ur on pc theres a pretty nice one on racedepartment by besoli11 on there. (it was made before the announcement)
  6. lad just dont play myteam then, and the f1 game is much better being arcadey , because it much friendlier to people who dont play racing games or dont have money for sims (99% of the playerbase)
  7. this happened to me too, i believe they mean the codemasters account attached to your account, rather that your forum one, you should check in your settings if it is, and you'll probably need to make a new one.
  8. they'll most likely do what they did in f1 2019, with the france pitlane, with it being fixed post-launch. (hopefully it will be available at launch tho)
  9. Hopefully at launch, since its been planned since last year(?)
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