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  1. @Typpy I've also had this issue ingame. I'm not running an RTX card so I don't believe RayTracing is the issue... be interesting to see what is causing it because there is nothing more frustrating than getting 15/20laps in and the game crashing!
  2. Pretty much as the title says. Whilst Jeff is an F1 Classic at this point, wouldn't it be awesome to just add that extra bit of variety/customisation?
  3. @Hoo Just disconnected the headphones completely and still getting the audio cut-out
  4. Hiya! My primary headphones are the Sony WH-1000XM4 and can be used both via Bluetooth and wired Just checked with multiple audio outputs here are my results: Bluetooth headphones - Audio Cut-out Wired Headphones (Into headphone jack of laptop) - Audio Cut-out Laptop Speakers - Audio Cut-out Wired Headphones (Into headphone jack of monitor connected through HDMI) - Audio Cut-out Wired Headphones (Into Audio Interface) - Audio Cut-out As you can see, no audio behavior is changed depending on the output device.
  5. A detailed description of the issue. During all modes in F1 2021, when accessing the radio button (RB on controller), the audio momentarily cuts out, likewise when selecting an option from the menu, the audio cuts out again. Report Code EGBE-HTEX-TEXX-SXMG Platform? PC (Steam) Game-mode? All game-modes What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. I have tried limiting my frame rate as seen in a previous forum post but has not worked. Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unliste
  6. A detailed description of the issue. Any time after roughly 30 minutes to >1 Hour, the game freezes, the sounds loops and I get an EGODump, causing me to restart the game and have to reload at my last save point. No matter how many times I restart, 30 minutes later, another EGO dump and the same situation occurs. Report Code I can never see the report code as the game crashes and freezes. Platform? PC (Steam) Game-mode? Braking Point but have also witnessed it in Grand Prix and My Team Game Mode. What troubleshooting have you tried? Pl
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