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  1. I’m pretty sure if both of you just ‘Retire from Session” after whatever Q you are eliminated from it will end the session for both of you.
  2. I hopped on my PC yesterday and it seems like the problem was fixed. Had the option for realistic performance and on standard/expert racing style. I wasn’t able to hop in to double check in the race itself but in settings it was definitely different and correct compared to the first day of launch. I did notice there was something downloading in the top left when I first opened the game, so I’m wondering if a small patch was sent out.
  3. Okay so there’s now an option to switch between equal and realistic performance without changing racing style?
  4. So I can set the racing style as casual and it makes performance realistic but then I can’t turn any assists off.
  5. Just started playing two player career with a friend and the performance mode for cars is set to equal, so there is no difference between the Mercedes and Alpha Tauri cars and drivers results are basically random. Is this a bug or something I missed in settings? I looked all over couldn’t find it.
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