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  1. [ CNR ] CLASSIC NIGHT RACING - We are inviting all drivers that want to live in the nostalgic moments of racing classic cars again. This is a fun league and we welcome those that are committed and excited to try a new format. SATURDAY DIVISION - 19.00 BST 🇬🇧 - AI Standard: 80-100 - Classic car category RACE SETTINGS - Qualifying: One Shot - Race1: 25% - Race2: 25% [ Reverse grid ] - Weather: Dynamic - Corners: Strict - Damage: Full ASSISTS - Traction Control - Racing Line - ABS [https://discord.gg/x7qXT3tdsJ](https://discord.gg/x7qXT3tdsJ)
  2. IF Casual **CLASSIC CAR** Fun Racing, Saturday Night Racing is for you, click the link to join the fun and to secure your seat in this year's league!! -7PM BST (Britain) -Every Saturday -AI Level 80 Rules One-Shot Qualifying Race 1: 25% Race 2 (reverse grid): 25% (Event should last around 45 minutes to an hour) Game settings: Parc Fermé: On Collisions: On Vehicle Damage: Full Ghosting: Off Car Setup: Full Safety Car: On Rules and Flags: On Corner Cutting: Strict Formation Lap: On Race Starts: Manual Tyre Temperture: Surface & Carcass Assist Restrictions: Braking Assist: Off Pit Assist: Off
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