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  1. Join ECR! Here is our concept - races are Fridays, 7.30 pm UK time for both tiers - academies with team principles - contract system - two tiers based on pace - 18 min qualifying - 50 % race distance - encouraged admin team - fair penalty system - active lineup Sign now up for the last seats now !! Will you become our new champion https://discord.gg/ughPWEEbNX
  2. Hello @BarryBL, i took a look at the UDP specification and i saw in the track id list that the hockenheim ring whas there now i know that the 3 new tracks will be added later but will hockenheim be released at the same time or at a later moment ?
  3. your getting a 10 for that lie pal
  4. oke ty for the intell
  5. Why are the tracklimits in every bloody corner that isnt in irl in irl you have tracklimits in 3 or 2 corners not in all of them its so annoying once you are over the white line your done at some tracks the tracklimit is after the kerb
  6. well why making a game then with no 2021 adjustments on the 2020 tracks
  7. @BarryBLpls make a announcement on whats gonna happen
  8. yh oke true sorry for my rudness
  9. yh but why should you make a game with the f1 2020 tracks on the 2021 layout that doesnt make sence the only thing from the actual f1 2021 season are the liveries thats it theres nothing more then that and thats verry dissepointed for alot of people
  10. will it ever be updated ?
  11. new thing: not only my sound but the steering wheel imput is also bugging alot
  12. it keeps dropping out like i hear something for 5 sec and then i have no sound for 10sec but i can still hear my xbox party
  13. Bug: My game sound keeps bugging while i am in a xbox party its verry annoying and if i leave the xbox party its over Report code: TPVG-BEVK-EMPC-GDEG Platform: Xbox Gamemode: its everytime and everywhere Troobleshooting: restarded game multiple times, replaced batery of my controller, restarted mij xbox, unpluged my wheel Video: i dont have it How the problem happended: well step 1 is i joined a xbox party. step2 is starting up my game, step 3 is playing a game mode and last but not least the verry annoying sound bug
  14. Are the codes out


    1. Expertracer6289


      yes i received the codes 1m ago i am on xbox


  15. ECR XB1 Is a league that has 2 tiers. We race on Friday for both tiers ar 7:30 PM UK Time. We are constantly growing and consist of a very commited admin team. We’re recruiting all roles from drivers, to commentators and stewards. If you're interested please send me a DM or feel free to hop in the server! We look forward to having some of you onboard in the action with us! Here are our socials! ecr_xb1_league ecr_xb1_tier_2 ecr_xb1/ecr_tier2 Join us using the link below! https://discord.gg/QatahNJj
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