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  1. Strange how you can compare the development time of project cars with F1 2015. It took Project Cars 4 years to bring the game out, F1 2015 is being worked on since 2012 so 2/3 years. F1 has a type of car, Formula 1 (or Formula A), project cars has 60 different cars or. Project Cars has 30 locations with variations. Project Cars has game modes, F1 2015 has not.  So Codemasters spent 3 years on the development of 1 car, 20 tracks, 1 game mode and an online multiplayer. And still managed to get it delayed...
  2. Hah, remember this post: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/comment/72135/#Comment_72135 It was in the  Improving Codemasters Image thread. Our new Community Manager had a deck full of great ideas to launch and support the game in a better way. Interviews, video's, screenshots, gameplay. F1 2015 would be different this time around. They would draw attention to the game and get a buzz going. 3 weeks till launch and all we have is a name and 5 or so screenshots. This is becoming a joke and frankly, I'm starting to become so annoyed that a game publisher couldn't care less about the
  3. I'm not..., However this forum is centred around the Formula One titles from Codemasters and not Project CARS... If those who want to talk about Project CARS then please go ahead, but the correct place for that would be the Official forum, Wouldn't you agree...? These constant references about PC isn't going to make a blind bit of difference to Codemasters, and once F1 2015 has its REAL reveal, Project CARS will be nothing more than a distant memory within this forum... ...and I know it will eat PC for breakfast! ;) And I know that as soon as F1 2015 comes out, you'll turn like a leaf
  4. What I really like about Project Cars is that I started my career in Formula Rookie and really can work my way up in motorsport, in cars that handle realistically and a game that has a career mode.
  5. Let's face it guys. 2014 was already a weak attempt and F1 2015 appears to have even fewer content. Last year, I told myself not to buy the game because the effort Codemasters put in it wasn't worth the cash. And I couldn't help but buy it and almost immediately I felt stupid for doing it. I didn't gave the right signal to Codemasters that the game was not ok. I'm not going to be fooled twice in a row. This game seems to have only a season mode, ability to do separate races and a bit more fancy than last years game. The only way we'll have a prospect of a decent game is to give a clear statem
  6. Something I haven't thought about. Both F1 2015 and Project Cars are being published by Bandai Namco. Perhaps the lack of information is due to them for not wanting to have to much attention drawn away from Project Cars around the release date.
  7. While I agree, I would say that your "right" to free speech is very much limited to the fact that you are on a messageboard owned by Codemasters and they therefore decider whether or not you are allowed to spill your beans here. It's called property rights. On topic, I'm still holding some hopes that in further announcements the game will prove more loaded with features than thus far is being shared with us. But I have the same concerns as a lot of others here. We are cooking up a storm and 2 months away from release, there isn't the slightest hint of anything that could be described as a
  8. TeamVVV calling the handling much improved and towards simulation is big pro for me! It's starting to look good, this F1 2015!
  9. @justbiglee,  @LiteralZero  Will there be a photo mode in replay? Love that feature on Driveclub. Can't believe how many time I've spent, instead of racing, pausing the game in action, heading into photomode and creating a lovely next-gen picture!
  10. Maybe everybody can stop crying about career mode until we know more about the different modes. We have absolutely no idea what pro season mode is gonna be like. Maybe the idea of a career mode has taken a different format and is re-branded as Pro Season mode. For now, I'm happy to hear more from @justbiglee in the weeks to come. Already have a feeling he's a fresh wind through the Codemasters communication. Active on Twitter and the forums, sharing as much as he can. Feels like Steve Hood did in the early years :)
  11. Far from it my friend, did you see my threads/posts in recent weeks...? However, which ever way you look at it, quite clearly the game has moved on. Yes, of course we haven't witnessed any gameplay/videos but, if they're as good as the screenshots then how can it be any worse...? It is Next-gen after all, built on an all new engine, and i'm sure given the current status at Codemasters and the troubles they've had, I very much doubt they would be stupid enough to carry on the road which they 'were' heading. Anyway, what difference does it make whether I pre-ordered or not, I can always cancel t
  12. Is their some anti-aliasing still missing on these screenshots. When you see them in full scale, they look edgy everywhere?
  13. June, that's around the time we expected by now. Not that much about content. A pro season mode, whatever that may be. Screenshots look ok, but not spectacular I think. I'm looking forward to some gameplay now!
  14. My word!!!, and I thought I was an F1 nut! lol Very good perception there alexbishop44! Thanks glad to be a help, i could only be a bigger f1 nut if i went to each race track side! I am very hyped up for this game!!!!!! Especially now my Fanatec V2 base is ordered!!!! Hoping f1 is not released till after 17th June now! Probably the only person on this forum to say that haha Why would you say that? Now they're going to delay the game and tell us they've 'listened to the fans'...  :smiley: 
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