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  1. vcseventi

    Historical F1 cars

    What historical cars would you like to be able to drive? I grew up watching F1 in the 90's, so to me that would be a Jordan 199 for example. To me it's not all about championship winning cars (or unsuccessful cars by successful teams), I would also like to see a Minardi or Arrows, although I understand those cars might appeal to too small of a niche. I would also really like to drive a car from the 50's or 60's without wings.
  2. vcseventi

    PS4 Grid crashes

    After recent update my game keeps crashing. It usually happens after I have done hotlap qualifying and return to the race menu where I can choose hotlap qualifying, setup, or continue and choose continue (to start the race). Just now it happend when I tried to start hotlap qualifying. I use a Trustmaster T300RS GT. The loading screen appears and then freezes. I have only played career an in career it doesn't seem to matter which race. Hoping for a fix very soon!