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  1. You do not have to change it for every corner. 

    For those who find it too stressful, it is enough to use the basic values ​​I have mentioned for each mix. Just change it before the start and after a pit stop. 
    Hi Staa... interesting topic.

    I would try an "intermediate" solution.  By applying "basic values" to each tyre type,  we could also lower differential as the tyres wear out. 

    For instance lets say I begin race with Medium Tyres = Diferential at 70 (basic value). 

    Lap 1 to 8 /  Medium tyre wear < 20% = differential at 70.
    Lap 9 to 15 /  Medium tyre wear > 20% = diferential at 60
    Lapt 15 to 20 / Medium tyre wear > 40% = differential at 50

    does this make sense to you ?

    thanks for your input