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  1. Kai6499 said:
    Woqrr said:
    I can see 2 simple options here:

    a) They are aware of the problem and will fix it.
    b) They are aware of the problem and will not fix it.

    After reading the latest response from Lozzy, I would bet 99% for option b
    Or c) They are aware of the problem and cannot be bothered to fix it, instead focusing on their next bug-filled game without honestly telling us.
    yes, indeed option c) is part of option b), anyway I would recomend people start thinking that F1 2016 is finished and will not receive any further updates....

    so, let us pray all together that the "F1 rights" will be given to another company soon.... 10 years of codemasters have been more than enough ......

  2. Lozzy said:
    I closed the other thread because it was a duplicate of this one. Surely that was obvious? Lets not worry about debating that though eh...

    As Fractured kindly pointed out as I've said before when I have news I'll post it, but at the moment I have nothing new to post. I appreciate that's frustrating but that's the only update I have.
    I can see 2 simple options here:

    a) They are aware of the problem and will fix it.
    b) They are aware of the problem and will not fix it.

    After reading the latest response from Lozzy, I would bet 99% for option b

  3. kevinkirk said:
    Most of these tire issues, handling issues, and car behavior in general you guys call glitches or bugs are things ment to force you to use the car setup settings to fix things like that. If those things wasn't in the game then having a car setup menu in the game would be pointless because you wouldn't need to use those options. If you want a car easy on tires then setup your car to be easy on tires instead of just throwing your hands up and calling it a glitch. On a track that's hard on tires like spain then I set my car up to handle that. On a track that's easy on tires like Monza then I set my car up not worrying about tire wear. Needing to do that is what saves the game from being so much on the arcade side of gameplay.
    clearly you haven´t understood a single word of the problem......

  4. Hi guys I just read that this bug ony  happens, when you start with the softest tyre and  only when you reach 70% of tyre wear.

    So,  in therory if you pit before reaching 70%, then you shouldn´t have the bug.

    Did anybody test this ?

    Also I noticed recently people crashing intentionally during qualy, having qualified with the softtest on the top 10, and then they start the race with a harder compound and 0% tyre wear. So it´s an unfair  way to avoid the tyre wear bug, and also to qualify on top 10 with the softest compound !!!!

  5. You do not have to change it for every corner. 

    For those who find it too stressful, it is enough to use the basic values ​​I have mentioned for each mix. Just change it before the start and after a pit stop. 
    Hi Staa... interesting topic.

    I would try an "intermediate" solution.  By applying "basic values" to each tyre type,  we could also lower differential as the tyres wear out. 

    For instance lets say I begin race with Medium Tyres = Diferential at 70 (basic value). 

    Lap 1 to 8 /  Medium tyre wear < 20% = differential at 70.
    Lap 9 to 15 /  Medium tyre wear > 20% = diferential at 60
    Lapt 15 to 20 / Medium tyre wear > 40% = differential at 50

    does this make sense to you ?

    thanks for your input

  6. thesios said:
    I want to make sure I understand what has been written about this before I go into the next race.

    Let's use the Russian Grand Prix as the example.  Compounds on offer are medium, soft, and super-soft.  Race mandated compounds are medium and soft.  So, I can use super-soft in Q1, get into Q2, where I use soft, get into Q3, where I use super-soft; therefore, I start the race on softs, but it's the set I used in Q2.  This update means that I can one-stop the race and switch to super-softs and still be in compliance with the race mandated compounds, correct?

    I ask, because I recently saw game footage, uploaded yesterday, where someone qualified in Spain (where the race mandated compounds are hard and medium) on mediums, switched to softs on their only pit stop, and was disqualified.  Now, qualification was one-shot, and the race was quarter distance.  Does that make any difference with the updated rules?
    Wrong.... mandatory tyres are only one typr per GP; reading your comment I would assume that mandatory tyre in Barcelona must be HARD (not medium and hard); therefore your colleague was correctly disqualified as he should have used the HARD compound during the race.

  7. Dschinn said:
    Woqrr said:
    Sorry but SC bug + Yellow Flags bug still there after Patch 1.7. I repeat SC bug+ Yellow Flags bug still in the game !!!!

    Same as before,  sever pilots received Drive Through Penalties in Monaco, and Yellow Flags remain the rest of the race.

    Wonderfull World 

    We got the same Problem as the Host disconnect on xbox...hoply that cm can fix it
    So, if Host disconnects we get yellow flags ???

  8. RICKWR88 said:
    But if  you are on hard tire and you can make it to the end and this is your last set of hard you want to take them on the car because if the put softest tire you will have to pit again since you wont make it to the end. I am with you on that @Woqrr
    What happens if you select "Hard" and you're already on your last set of Hards then?
    They fit the previous hards at 80% or whatever wear you had done on it

  9. Hi guys, can you tell me which message  you receive when exceeding delta times when S.C. is on track ? 

    In our Spanish version, we get the following messasge:

    "Drive Through for overtaking Safety Car"

    I know is silly question but this is causing a lot of trouble, because people think  they got an unfair  Drive Through Penalty for overtaking the Safety Car, which in fact they get the penatly for "speeding" during S.C. period which are two different things.

    So, perhaps is just a silly Translation problem or perhaps is another bug.

    I hope someone get my point !!! 

  10. Lozzy said:
    I believe I'm correct in saying that the tyres fitted at a pit stop will always be the a set with the least overall wear of the compound you specify. I think wear is calculated as an average across all of the tyres.

    I can see an argument for putting this information on the Race Strategy screen so prior to a race you can decide if you want to run a scrubbed set of tyres in the middle of a race or at the end. As for changing this on the fly during a race that feels very fiddly to me, the MFD is already quite small and trying to work out why there are two tyre icons is going to confuse a lot of people.
    Lozzy it would be quite simple to inform the player during the race, that the compound selected to next pit stop,  is no longer available (because it has been used at  80%).

    In that case the player will be able to select a different compound for next pit stop, and  in case there is not any other set of tyres available, the player will have to continue with his current set of tyres until the end of the race (bad luck).

    As simple as that. !!!

  11. Lozzy said:
    In reality the team would change the tyres to avoid the potential of a puncture caused by damage from the bodywork breaking wouldn't they? Can anyone give me an example of someone making a pit stop for a new front wing where the team didn't also change the tyres?

    I'm sure there are a few edge cases we can think of but really it's quite unlikely that it's ever going to actually happen to you.
    Hi Lozzy is very simple. 

    Lap 50/60: 3rd pit stop to change tyres (no tyres left, as I have already used all of them).
    Lap 51/60: colission with another car and my front wing is out.
    Lap 52/60: pit stop to repair ONLY front wing and I don´t want to change my tyres as they are NEW, and the rest of tyres in boxes are used at 80%.

    is it clear now ??


  12. kevinkirk said:
    RICKWR88 said:
    But if  you are on hard tire and you can make it to the end and this is your last set of hard you want to take them on the car because if the put softest tire you will have to pit again since you wont make it to the end. I am with you on that @Woqrr
     its against the rules to not take tires. Most importantly you would never just stop to fix a wing unless you absolutly have  to because you would lose more time in the pit delta versus the amount of time from running with a damaged wing. In real life you would also have that corner of the cars tire temps to think about.  
     yeah sure !!

    so if  Hamilton collides with Rosberg on lap 56/60, and breaks the front wing,  according to you is against the rules to go to pits to put a new  front without changing tires.....  
    yes sure.... :-))  .

  13. megantes said:
    Desync on start since patch 1.7.
    This problem same F1 2015.
    Different timing of Blackout. big issue for race league.

    Pit freeze bug. 
    Occurrence condition, after in lap, vehicle in garage.
    At the timing to become a possible setup(displayed menu lower right of screen), press the setup button, and then freeze.

    T500RS vibration.
    see, http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/47540/ps4-thrustmaster-t500rs-f1-rim-vibration

    can you "elaborate" a bit more about:

    1. "Desync on star since Patch 1.7" ----> what kind of Desync ????
    2. "Different timing of Blackout".    ----> What does this mean ????

    Thanks !

  14. RICKWR88 said:
    But you can not have equal performance in Quick race, GP mode or Career mode. I have the same problem. Since I race in league with equal performance i want to work on setup with equal performance but there is no way to do that elsewhere then online so if you are alone then your fu...
    Yeahh thats my point too, but I  read a few weeks ago that this has been fixed in one of the previous patchs, but I tried several times to play myself against IAs ON LINE I can't do it.

    Lozzy can please say something about this ?