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  1. A detailed description of the issue. -Ok so I posted a report some time ago about laggy/choppy ffb on Logitech G920 on Xbox one, and it has happened again after the new update. So I can describe it as a input, laggy thing but it has nothing to do with it because before the patch it worked just fine. I can’t play online because it’s just unplayable and irritating. Earlier before the update the FFB worked sometimes weird but mostly good and quitting a group chat solved the bug but not this time. I tried unplugging the wheel and again and again but nothing 😔 Report Code: CECA-STBS-BDGP-
  2. It is nearly the same so I think you should merge it.
  3. My platform is Xbox one s all digital Game mode is: online un-ranked Report code: CSCM-CBGV-GXSH-GDED Amount of players: 5 I wasn’t the host Tried trouble shooting it by unplugging and plugging in but nothing. The problem just occurs in online sessions that’s it nothing more (sorry, added info to the previous post)
  4. Yeah sorry I made a mistake, just posted on there to report a glitch
  5. So hi. I’ve had an issue with my steering wheel since the release of the game (even in beta) My wheel (LogG920) constantly glitches while driving (only in online sessions). It constantly turns by itself (not the wheel irl but the wheel in-game), it sometimes doesn’t change gears or respond that I turn on overtake mode. It’s always late on responding in-game (when I turn the week irl it responds 2-3 seconds late, and turns very sharply(like turning an analog on controller fully to the side)) I tried giving it a chance but I just cannot give 100% cause it’s just impossible. 🙁 It’s r
  6. I tried to report but it showed me that big reporting Chanel was closed so what can I do ?
  7. One and only: Fix the steering wheel glitch, it’s just unplayable when your wheel is constantly making weird turns(in game) when it’s not even turned to any side(irl). I mean I gave it a try and I just don’t know how league races will start when the game is s**t. God is it that hard ?!
  8. So i play on a Samsung curved gaming monitor and it’s not an input lag because it’s the wheel lagging (ffb glitching) only in f1 2021 and now I know that it happened for others too cause I saw it on TikTok/YouTube. I just want it fixed as soon as possible, Then we can launch league seasons, otherwise it’s gonna be difficult. But thanks for writing though.
  9. I posted it here as it’s official game forum, hope someone helps or the staff sees it and fixes it.
  10. Guys… can you fix the steering wheel experience ?! I cannot drive in the game because my wheel is lagging and glitching when I turn it, I got DNF in couple of street circuit races because of the fact that my wheel is responding 2-4 seconds late in-game. Honestly I really enjoy the game and new factors, but the most important thing in game…steering… is broken. 😕 I tried unplugging my wheel and other things like changing settings but nothing is changing. It’s pretty weird that It doesn’t happen only in multiplayer but single-player too, even if I’m out of group chat (before the patch gettin
  11. Hello, I have spotted an issue (big issue) and I do not know if it’s my Xbox or the game. So, the audio it game is stuttering and glitching (very badly, I sometimes cannot even hear anything from the game or group chat) whenever I go into a group chat on Xbox. I wanted to ask if you have the same problem ?
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