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  1. jaykaybe

    Pad assists - an explanation please

    I do not know for how long you have been reading CM forums Gav25182, but i will summarize some facts for you (no links to old threads because CM shut down the old forum) : Pads have been faster since F1 2012 because of several steerings assist CM introduced for their main audience for f1 games (pad users), to help them with consistency throughout a whole race. You may not have experienced this issue because... a) you're not a wheel driver who invested lots of his free time practicing, just to be beaten by (experienced) pad drivers with a ridiculous amount of track time (1 or 2h max) in league races. b) you're not a good pad driver I skipped this years F1 game because I have sold my x360 but, as a league admin, I share Bobby's opinion. Hopefully CM will address  these issues...
  2. jaykaybe

    *F1 VIDEO THREAD* All videos here

    The whole connection/ghost car bug lead to some chaotic races in our leagues. Here is a video I made some weeks before the last patch was released. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9kJwMaJJnM