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  1. Are the massive desync and terrible overall online game experience still on the list of things to fix or have Codemasters thrown in the towel? I try to organize a weekly racing league and have been since 2019, but tonight we've had to disband yet another race because of desync, invisible cars, collisions with invisible cars, glitching cars and safety cars coming out in different laps for different people. I see players asking for a sign that it's still being worked on but it looks like the latest patch which was supposed to fix desync really was the last one? I'm considering finishing the
  2. The audacity to invalidate a person's opinion and experience solely because they are new to the forum. The fact that someone is so frustrated with the state of the game they paid good money for that they come here, make a new account and vent said frustration in desperation that hopefully, someone will read it and do something about it is reason enough to take their message very seriously. The fact that one person's valuable experience gets shut down and invalidated this quickly shows that there's actually no sense of urgency whatsoever when it comes to fixing the online multiplayer exper
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