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  1. Sad, really sad ... After I learned that I was not caught in the BETA. I joined the forum and also tried to build a reputation for more chances ... but it didn't do any good as I have friends who have been taken to the BETA without even having finished creating the account. Well, what a pity ... I really cared so much! This post is to share my frustration with you, not to give alms, absolutely ... I will continue to be present in the forum as always since I joined ... maybe they think about it! Good evening everybody!

    1. Eclipsium


      Well, the applicants were not chosen by random, they were by checking the applicant's information, activity and reputation at the forums, and mainly; to give feedback, do bug reports and etc when you are a beta tester. I tried to participe since the F1 2019 beta but no luck, but sure was because I was not active as much as I am now, and not gonna lie, back then I thought of "wow it will be amazing to play the game early!!!" when I wasn't aware at all about the work of a beta tester. Luckily though I'm mature enough to understand the hard work of being part into that (and also had the experience with small developers). The main point is not whenever I am in or not, it's on doing the work of a beta tester the right way (not being obsessive, not showing private information such as screenshots or recordings, being patient, give feedback and find/replicate bugs, and etc).

      Maybe some people were chosen random, but only some, most of the applicants were sure being checked by the administrators of this event. I'm saying because I have seen new forum members joining the beta testing without even being active. I dunno why, but that's not the main point, as I said earlier.

      I wasn't caught in the beta as well, but I'm still not disappointed. They did what they thought its the best. Don't lose hope, and make sure to understand the work of a beta tester (if you already do, then perfect) 🙂.

    2. Ricky03


      I was already psychologically ready to take part in this BETA, being aware of everything I wanted to do. I don't want to play video games first, I want to help out by doing the best a BETA TESTER can do. Unfortunately, bad luck for us, it will be better for next year.

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