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  1. Simplified is similar to last games model and feeling of the track if I’m not mistaken and then simulation is what it’s like normally
  2. Also the losing your advantage part is just life and if you grew it once you can grow it again
  3. I agree with barryb, of ur 4 points I agree with only ur second one bringing the field tightly together can produce closer racing, especially if the leader has just run off, and while yes there may be a collision it’s racing and collisions will happen anyway, ur 3rd point I disagree with the most out of all of ur points as it means that people have to think on their feet without the help of the strategy screen u get at the start of the race, meaning that others and urself are more prone to making mistakes and misjudgments, maybe making the leader of the race fight back thru because h
  4. Yo I play f1 very regularly and feel I could help find bugs and fix them
  5. Yo I’m happy to be here and hoping to be accepted in the beta testing program
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