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  1. We know for a fact that the product as seen in the recently released gameplay footage is not finished and changes will come. Adding a turbo whistle is very nice and with every engine except for the mercedes you could hear it from on-board camera footage from F1TV I was cool with it all given that covid limited moving about, so to go to testing days and record some beautifull sounds would most likely not happen. But after reading that the audio team uses the same mic placement as F1TV but different tuning I changed my mind. I know there's alot to do for the audio team besides the
  2. Graphics and sound are things that are expected to improve pretty much every year. the sound of F1 2020 has significantly improved compared to years prior and honestly, good job Codemasters! I would also love for the engine sounds to sound more similar to what we hear on the TV because it simply just sounds that good.
  3. This game is about Formula 1, and while there is Formula 2, it's pretty much the rank before Formula 1 so that's cool. Outside of how ridiculous the idea is to add all kinds of racing other then F1 to an F1 game, it makes no sense. Right now, the game is made so that driving a F1 car is somewhat similar to the real deal. Adding IndyCar, Rallying, LeMans, Stunting or whatever else kind of driving/racing would mean to completely modify the game so that those cars handle as they should, which would take YEARS of research and development. Next to the sheer amount of time it would tak
  4. that comment wasn't for you, it was for the guy who first replied to your post, and I agree with you.
  5. Maybe to sum it up adding a 'Steward' job available to spectators voted by the drivers. This steward can then pretty much organize the race, safety car, yellow flag, extra formation lap, add/remove penalties, warnings etc.
  6. I don't know if PS4 and Xbox limitations limit the capabilities of AI, but improvements of the AI are always appreciated and expected with each new game. The AI could definetly use work when it comes to strategies, ERS management, fuel management, tyre management and at the moment I feel like every team has the same race engineers doing the same plan and it's very bland. Racecraft is quite bland aswell, I hardly see them defend, make mistakes, spin out against other AI, etc.
  7. An old topic yet something that will always return. I personally would love to have VR added to the game, I have a HTC Vive Cosmos Elite with base stations and I mainly use it to play Assetto Corsa. I understand that it hasn't been added over the years and who knows when it will be added as not everyone has a VR headset and it's most certainly not the most affordable thing to get. However regardless of what the price may be of a VR headset, I think the move should be made to add it to the game to boost VR popularity. VR is strongest not in shooters, fighting games, dancing games
  8. Would definetly be usefull to be able to organize your setups in some way. Would love to see this added in an upcoming path for F1 2020 and in F1 2021
  9. People can decide however they want to play the game, whether it's with full assists on, in cockpit cam, chasing cam or whatever. Nobody has the right to ridicule someone for however they play a game. And I hate to tell you this... but it's pretty much a fact that playing with no assists is generally faster then playing with assists. Ofcourse if you jump from full assists to disabling traction control and shifting manually, it will be really hard to drive and you will be slower then someone with assists, but it takes getting used to, and eventually you will be faster then them. So i
  10. ??? he literally wants to be able to practice more, easier and with more control? what's wrong with that? I see it as a good idea, I don't want to have to start a Grand Prix just to get some practice in qualifying... maybe a practice mode that gives you full control would be nice tho..
  11. If realism is what you want I don't see a reason to add the beep sound every time a light comes on no? the drivers don't hear it since it's added into the show I can agree with the timing of the lights coming on and the variety of time it could take for them to go out. I'm not all in for editing the positioning of the lights, sure someday maybe but that would require editing the map/the models used for the lights which takes time and I'd much rather see them modify the tracks to look more like the way they do right now although as said, it takes time and tracks tend to change overt
  12. Agreed with the above, other ideas could be: Diff entry, mid and exit adjustment ( for something like "expert mode" for the advanced players to have more control ) Allow us to set MGU-H mode and MGU-K mode aside from ERS mode ( I realize this is a massive change as the game currently doesn't have MGU-H and MGU-K I think ) Maps ( say you can assign a single button to perform several changes on the car) i.e: Button 44: Set Fuel Mix, Set ERS Mode, Set MGU-H Mode, Set MGU-K Mode
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