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  1. My absolutely unrealistic hopes for 2022 that would make people take F1 seriously compared to ACC, Automobilista, I racing etc but definitely won’t happen because… mass market. • Formula 3 championship (please I beg) • A more complex and randomly fluctuating tyre that takes a long while to warm up, and that you really have to put a lot of energy and force through to get and maintain temperature. • Flat spots, vibrations and slipping of the tyre. A delicate tyre as well that you have to treat in certain ways with a lot of care and almost baby the tyre in a sense, don’t abuse i
  2. Deledda consistently in the top 6 and fighting for pole positions and victories. Piastri 5 poles and 4 wins on the bounce… qualifies 13th, Lawson and Vip’s nowhere near the front, seriously who designed the BOP for the AI because I don’t know what smoke they are on or what stats they’re looking at from across the season… it’s not that hard at all to get it right, 2019 is a prime example the AI perfectly reflected reality, a trained monkey could probably do better for this years F2 Deledda at Monaco: too slow to qualify Deledda in the game: Pole position How much did
  3. What confuses me is that I’m pretty sure it’s just a copy and paste of the stats from the 2020 drivers and putting them onto the 2021 drivers. So for example Piastri inherits Mick Schumacher's driver ratings because they’re both the front running championship leaders and for Piastri’s case will probably be the eventual champion, they’re also both in the same Prema which helps the BOP within the game basically always have Piastri out front on pace. Deledda inherits Alesi or Markalov’s stats as the three both drive in the HWA car, but for some reason Alesi and Markalov seem to be way more op tha
  4. XboistonXx

    F2 2021

    Sorry I meant older chassis in relation to the current F3 chassis used in the main Formula 3 championship and not regional
  5. XboistonXx

    F2 2021

    @BarryBL any idea when the F2 update is coming ?
  6. XboistonXx

    F2 2021

    I genuinely hope they don’t just shove it in the game for reasons of equality and diversity before any sense, like ah yes win W series, skip F3 and go straight to F2 😂
  7. XboistonXx

    F2 2021

    I’d like to think they’d add Formula 3 before that, because the W series run on an old F3 car chassis, so it’d only make sense to have F3 in the game before W series. In my opinion I think the F1 should have F3 and F2 as well as F1 but hey… one can dream 😂
  8. XboistonXx

    F2 2021

    As much as I absolutely love F2 and I think having it in the game is an absolute must have. It seems like codies just aren’t up to the task of actually getting it into the game on time and it’s too much work, by the time it’s in the game and all the various bugs are fixed, the season will be long over unfortunately. I mean hell I would love it if they went as far adding F3 as I think it’s better to have F3, F2 and then F1 because… why not the cars seem awesome to add to the game but I genuinely don’t think that’s possible without a million delays, bugs, glitches etc
  9. Might not be codemasters fault for the delay as a little reminder it might be Microsoft that caused the delay of the patch if not ready if you talking the f2 update

  10. XboistonXx

    F2 2021

    So it’s the last day of November and the 2021 season of F2 is yet to release even though it was scheduled for release this month. I take it’s been delayed, any idea of when it’ll be released ?
  11. This is something I’ve wanted in the game for absolutely ages across a season and a single Gp. Is there by any chance a way on PC to create your own custom grids within the files of code of the game or is it something that can’t be done. I really want to be able to make custom grids for races and it’s a shame we can’t so I was wondering if there’s a mod or a way within the code you can make a lose term of a custom grid.
  12. This is something that I feel has been missing from the F1 games for sometime now and would better the experience so much. I’m so thankful mod’s exist to fix this problem until maybe it get’s implemented into the games in the future. But for me helmet templates for different teams has been something I’ve wanted in this game for so long now as a completely standard feature when you sign with a driver academy in F2 and then eventually sign with a team in F1. It’d be so cool if you signed with the Red Bull academy, went with the hitech or Carlin Red bull livery cars, and ran a red bull template h
  13. I totally agree with you. The one thing that always really throws me off about these games in career mode and it’s honestly why I didn’t play career mode when I wasn’t on PC (and thank god on PC I can fix this through mods), is that if you’re associated to any of the junior academies, you can’t have a helmet template that reflects the team you’re affiliated with such as having Ferrari driver academy logos on your helmet if you chose the FDA or having a Red Bull helmet template like Lawson, Daruvalla and Vip’s with the typical red bull design on the helmet. And even worse is when you get to F1
  14. Yessss, this is a step in the right direction in terms of genuinely good helmets
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