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  1. @BarryBL Callum Ilott: just far too slow to the point where it actually annoys me. Should be in the top 3 without fail at every race and have the pace Tsunoda’s Ai has to destroy everyone in qualifying. Tsunoda: could be slowed down just a touch, is like half a second clear of the field in qualifying. Mazpein: needs to be a lot lot faster and never really outside the top 5 Mat, Piq, Sat: way too fast Shw, Zho, Drug: need to be a lot faster and consistently in the top 10/5
  2. Holy **** Codies you never fail to deliver Commentators said it best: “I’m sorry that this is what are given and it’s what we have to work with unfortunately”.’
  3. Jarno Opmeer said in one of his streams on twitch that apparently turn 10 at Barcelona is being changed now according to some people at Codies he’s spoken to about this years F1 E sports season. So maybe codies have gone back on the decision.
  4. If you go go Grand Prix mode you can select the 2021 F1 season by clicking on right bumper and play as any of the official drivers (they’ve put championship mode and GP mode in the same section which is so dumb because it means you only one one option to play as a real driver ). I’d love to see a driver career where you are able to use any of the pre existing F1 or F2 drivers with R&D, contracts, transfers, promotions and management etc it’s honestly something I’ve wanted the most in these games.
  5. Just an idea that I’m really surprised hasn’t been implemented yet but I honestly think it would be so cool to be able to decide say in the career settings menu, what teams sign which drivers at the end of each season. I think it would add a lot more authenticity to the career mode experience as well as longevity
  6. Literally everything in that is true and it’s so disappointing because I’m not at all even surprised they managed to **** up something that could have made this game have so many endless opportunities for replay. Mather said that the whole point is you picked a real driver and he said it many times whenever the real season start was brought up in interviews and I’m just so confused as to what happened with it as it’s such a waste of a great concept.
  7. Literally 😂 I actually don’t understand what the thought process was behind not letting players play as the actual drivers in real season start. They literally advertised the mode as allowing players to do that.
  8. Honestly cannot agree with this more, there’s literally nowhere to play as the actual F1 or F2 drivers all it is just career mode with your own stupid ass fictional driver. I really think they under-appreciated massively how many people just want to play as the actual drivers and do a career mode season as one of the real drivers
  9. I’m actually so confused such a good concept ultimately ruined by the stupid decision that you can’t play as any of the actual drivers which renders the mode absolutely useless. Seriously I don’t know who actually made that decision but it genuinely doesn’t surprise me I thought the whole idea was to take a driver and try and improve on their race like Lee Mather said. I want to be able select Verstappen and hold that overtake off of turn 4 past Hamilton and not give it back, I want to be able to pick Vettel at Baku and try to catch Perez for the win in the closing lap. I
  10. I completely agree with this, the driver/ team balance is pretty wack and sometimes really questionable, thankfully my championship order is pretty much like real life so Ilott leading with Shwartzman, Schumacher, Tsunoda, Lungaard, Ticktum etc. But it could have been Sato, Piquet or Samia having a 3 way title fight if not for them retiring all the time. I think you’re absolutely right in terms of Hitech as a team in the game are pants even though in reality they’re a reallt strong team lead by Olie Oakes who’s not exactly a slouch. Tsunoda- his lack of height gives him extra horsepower,
  11. I’m currently doing the 2020 Formula 2 season and am at round 5. So far everything is great and the AI are genuinely fun and challenging to race this year and make huge mistakes. But one thing I have noticed is the questionable and wack qualifying positions of some of the drivers that are just frustrating. Thankfully all of the questionable AI like Sato, Piquet or Samia have all retired in the races leading to them either having 1 point or no points. Marino Sato - Possibly the most confusing AI in the whole game, consistently in the top 5 or top 10 yet finished 22nd in the championship la
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