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  1. Imola is just perfect, genuinely Perfect. But there is the one negative of the update being that the White Bull is a limited time skin for the RB16B. seriously why… what is the point. 

    why not just add the option to toggle between the normal one and the white bull. 

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  2. 6 hours ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    Cannot agree more. 

    I think it'll be just the white Red Bull or there'd have been more 'hype' for other teams.   I can see a few livery updates for Sponsors (like Aston and Peroni on the fin) and driver helmet / team overalls updates.

    Nothing to make us go "wow, that was a surprising update that they've gone above and beyond on" but it's still going to be better than nothing. 

    Completely agree with all of this ^^

    i think it’d be nice if they put all the helmets drivers used this season in the game and let you chose what helmet you’d like the driver you’ve selected to run and be able to change it through the season. For example if I picked Mick Schumacher there’d be an option to run his: 

    original green helmet 

    his Silverstone to Hungary green helmet with the red dragon on top 

    and then his current helmet tributed to his father.

  3. Really happy the Honda tribute livery is coming

    however, I’m gonna set my expectations low and not hype myself up for the update because I’m hoping so much there is a chance even if it’s a small one that the Gulf McLaren will come in the sporting livery update in this months patch. I have my doubts but I’d so loved fo be proved wrong 

     Any chance of a hint 😉

    @BarryBL @PJTierney

  4. 33 minutes ago, thatdc said:

    I wish they could fix it. Reality is that they don't really care. Tracks are done approximately.

    Only Portimao is well-done. Others are outdated or simply done without care.

    But we have a fantastic 6-hour long story mode, that's worth all the money.

    I don’t know if they don’t care about fixing or adjusting what actually matters or they’re just oblivious to it somehow but every year it’s just “ yeah we know about every single one of the issues but also here’s a brand new story no one asked for”.

  5. Sounds about right 🤣

    5 minutes ago, AndRe5550148 said:

    You have to write a repair request to another company because they have had their product in the ass for many years. 🤣


  6. Since F1 2019 It’s been physically impossible to go through the escape road at T1 of Monza. The bollards are either placed too close together or there are too many too far on the inside. 

    it’s an issue that shouldn’t exist 

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  7. @BarryBL
    Callum Ilott: 
    just far too slow to the point where it actually annoys me. Should be in the top 3 without fail at every race and have the pace Tsunoda’s Ai has to destroy everyone in qualifying. 

    Tsunoda: could be slowed down just a touch, is like half a second clear of the field in qualifying. 

    Mazpein: needs to be a lot lot faster and never really outside the top 5

    Mat, Piq, Sat: way too fast 

    Shw, Zho, Drug: need to be a lot faster and consistently in the top 10/5



  8. Holy **** Codies you never fail to deliver 

    Commentators said it best: 

    “I’m sorry that this is what are given and it’s what we have to work with unfortunately”.’ 

  9. If you go go Grand Prix mode you can select the 2021 F1 season by clicking on right bumper and play as any of the official drivers (they’ve put championship mode and GP mode in the same section which is so dumb because it means you only one one option to play as a real driver ). I’d love to see a driver career where you are able to use any of the pre existing F1 or F2 drivers with R&D, contracts, transfers, promotions and management etc it’s honestly something I’ve wanted the most in these games. 

  10. Just an idea that I’m really surprised hasn’t been implemented yet but I  honestly think it would be so cool to be able to decide say in the career settings menu, what teams sign which drivers at the end of each season. I think it would add a lot more authenticity to the career mode experience as well as longevity 

  11. 1 hour ago, KNT2011 said:

    I know I'm probably a broken record on this but they literally had this feature as one of the core new things in the game. Mathers even included it when noting they had removed classic cars etc. to 'focus on the new features, 2 player career, Braking Point and Real Season Start'. 

    I believe they were deliberately vague over the details as it must have been obvious it would be a disappointment. There's even some 'reviews' of the game by the youtube crowd who were given early access that claim you could be a real driver. 

    What do you say when people find out it's just a career setup option actually? Nothing, nothing at all apparently. 

    The more time passes and I think definitely the more exciting / dramatic the season gets in real life, the more disappointing this becomes. 

    Literally everything in that is true and it’s so disappointing because I’m not at all even surprised they managed to **** up something that could have made this game have so many endless opportunities for replay. Mather said that the whole point is you picked a real driver and he said it many times whenever the real season start was brought up in interviews and I’m just so confused as to what happened with it as it’s such a waste of a great concept.

  12. 4 minutes ago, DRTApophis said:

    I thought it would just be a gimmicky Grand Prix mode at first, never thought it would completely exceeded my expectation. I hate to criticize all the time, but whoever thought the way this mode was implemented is a good idea, needs to be lock up in a dark room for a week with no ice cream available 😤

    Literally 😂

    I actually don’t understand what the thought process was behind not letting players play as the actual drivers in real season start. They literally advertised the mode as allowing players to do that.

  13. On 8/2/2021 at 12:37 PM, FTBuzzard said:

    Okay, let's talk about the fact that the only way we have to play as real F1 and F2 drivers is in Grand Prix mode, which is extremely limited for a game that claims to simulate the real F1.

    I have no problem with creating a fictional avatar and using it in the career mode or online, but EVERY other Sport and Racing simulation (!) game has the possibility to have a career with real teams/players/drivers and use them in other game modes, only F1 by codemasters is very limited to this. 

    I find this decision extremely worrying.
    just imagine Codematsres removes the grand prix mode in the future, then it is nowhere possible to drive as Hamilton, Verstappen or Alonso.

    It can't be right to have only 1 of 6-7 game modes to play as real life drivers. Codemasters have to think about this decision again for the future.

    Honestly cannot agree with this more, there’s literally nowhere to play as the actual F1 or F2 drivers all it is just career mode with your own stupid ass fictional driver. I really think they under-appreciated massively how many people just want to play as the actual drivers and do a career mode season as one of the real drivers 

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  14. I’m actually so confused 

    such a good concept 

    ultimately ruined by the stupid decision that you can’t play as any of the actual drivers which renders the mode absolutely useless. Seriously I don’t know who actually made that decision but it genuinely doesn’t surprise me

    I thought the whole idea was to take a driver and try and improve on their race like Lee Mather said. I want to be able select Verstappen and hold that overtake off of turn 4 past Hamilton and not give it back, I want to be able to pick Vettel at Baku and try to catch Perez for the win in the closing lap.

    I was really excited for this but as I said, I’m genuinely not surprised that you’ve somehow found a way to make an absolutely gold concept that could have done bit’s for this game but just completely flop to the point where no one actually remember’s it’s in the game 

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  15. I completely agree with this, the driver/ team balance is pretty wack and sometimes really questionable, thankfully my championship order is pretty much like real life so Ilott leading with Shwartzman, Schumacher, Tsunoda, Lungaard, Ticktum etc. But it could have been Sato, Piquet or Samia having a 3 way title fight if not for them retiring all the time. I think you’re absolutely right in terms of Hitech as a team in the game are pants even though in reality they’re a reallt strong team lead by Olie Oakes who’s not exactly a slouch. 

    Tsunoda- his lack of height gives him extra horsepower, his AI is way too damn fast but it might be the the fact his rating in the game is done off of his F1 performance therefore he’s leagues ahead of everyone. But just needs slowing down dramatically in F2. 

    ilott- needs to be the qualifying king and just outright the fastest in the field  

    Mazepin- needs to be top 10/ top 5 

    Schumacher- (I can’t comment as I’m playing as him) 

    Sato, Piquet, Samia- need to be back of the field 100% of the time and nothing more. Piquet whilst being a decent racing driver and an F3 race winner, is far far too good in the game. 

  16. I’m currently doing the 2020 Formula 2 season and am at round 5. So far everything is great and the AI are genuinely fun and challenging to race this year and make huge mistakes. But one thing I have noticed is the questionable and wack qualifying positions of some of the drivers that are just frustrating. Thankfully all of the questionable AI like Sato, Piquet or Samia have all retired in the races leading to them either having 1 point or no points.8E41F193-DCBE-4BE3-A2FC-75357AAEB3DF.thumb.jpeg.5734b24ff6a0c69675af601e2d54764d.jpeg

    Marino Sato - Possibly the most confusing AI in the whole game, consistently in the top 5 or top 10 yet finished 22nd in the championship last year

    Pedro Piquet - constantly in the top 5 or top 10 yet only scored 1 point last year 

    Callum Ilott - Best qualifier of last years championship, 5 pole positions yet in the game can barely scrape the top 5. Should be on pole by a landslide. Ilott is currently leading my championship down to retirements from all the wacky AI positions leading to the top 10 pretty much being like real life. 

    Yuki Tsunoda - don’t know if It’s the same as the Markalov bug in 2020 where he was just unbeatable but Yuki is way to damn fast over 1 lap, I mean like demolishes the field by 3-4 tenths and can never be outperformed in qualifying. 

    Nikita Mazepin- too slow in the game, his AI never qualifies top 15 let alone the top 10, same for the finishing order. He finished 5th last year with 2 wins and 6 podiums. Sato’s confusing performance in the game is probably what Mazepin’s should be. 


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