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  1. After thoroughly getting to grips with the game, I can honestly say that it is truly great work. The AI is sharp, the visuals are slightly improved, and the physics are a milestone improvement from GRID 2. Well done codemasters!

    Now onto my issue; the car customization and liveries, online clubs get to have their own custom livery to separate them from the rest of the pack. Great stuff! Except it's not, a few basic patterns on one layer, with customization colors for that pattern, custom color for the car, and a few sponsor decals. Not exactly 2014 custom, (same goes for the club badge I mentioned in an earlier post!).


    Please give as honest an answer as possible, is anyone in the development team working on improvements to this livery editor, or at least anything planned as yet? Like putting a custom logo onto your car would be awesome in online bouts to represent your club, this can be done with manipulating layers of shapes and things. Like many other titles have accomplished with ease.

    It is something that my club would love to see, and I'm sure we're not alone, that racing as a club with our 'unique' livery and logo on our cars as we fly by the opposition!
  2. @Loore I'm also interested in the mod ability of GAS. Do we have access to modify these textures for modding, and is there any planned modding tools, or are the files relatively open to modding? I'm purely interested in the mods that prolong the productivity of this title, not break any hard work that you guys have done ;)

    GRID:RC and GRID 2 had some amazing mods written for it, I'm hoping that as GAS relies on the same engine, this should be the case also...
  3. HoiHman said:
    Or at least better textures for the cockpit. 

    The whole speech that GAS is "designed for the PC" simply does not add up with the mediocre cockpit views and the total lack of mirrors.

    This is either a direct result of developing for the previous gen consoles or codemasters taking the easy way.

    I understand that detailed cockpits are extra work, but like said before, i'm willing to pay extra.
    I second that, I would pay for something like that, the immersion it would give you would be amazing. Especially on triple screen setups. If enough people came forward willing to pay for such DLC can codies really refuse our requests? After all, they keep saying their developing GAS for us, the end users.
  4. One thing I can suggest, having not yet played the game yet till friday, but I've been looking into racenet, and the clubs. In there is a basic editor for making your club badge. I see this as a major weak point so far, and I'm hoping the livery editor is a lot more advanced and/or improved. 

    If you take the emblems editor from Battlefield's Battlelog for example, that is actually pretty good, and enables various shapes to be re-sized, rotated, and layered with obvious colors changing options also. 

    Your current system allows a small selection for the background, and a small selection for the foreground, but only two layers! This isn't exactly the customization level we should have at this stage in gaming technologies.

    Just some minor constructive criticism for you! Also, does anyone have any information on how the livery editor play's out in the game, is it akin to Forza or Shift's system? Or is it as basic as the club badge system?
  5. @Loore thank you for clarifying that! Probably was noted somewhere before, but I'm going blind in my old age! Maybe a feature to add in the future, would create maybe a marketplace for tuning setups and such. Also very much interested in the DLC plans, Any idea's on pricing for a season pass or premium pack etc that gives access to all DLC? Or is it still early days in that regard?
  6. Your welcome to join our club, we have a TeamSpeak server, and player's from all over the world at various times of the day. We are a friendly community that play a variety of games, but we do have a few dedicated GRID player's also...

    Links in my signature if you are interested... ;)
  7. LewisBCR6 said:
    Will we be able to make our racing clubs in advance, before the launch of the game? @Loore
    I second this, would love to start making the club now, I have already round up 24 participants in my existing gaming community. We are all eagerly anticipating this release...

    Keep up the good work codies....
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