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  1. The drivers who are re-attached or who come in slow lap in practice and qualifying, let them stand aside and give the right space. I think that's all because of the lack of blue flags in these sessions.
  2. What a good thread was generated here! Good details that the truth had happened so far, especially for the need to buy a ps5 already, however now my question is if next year, that is, the F1 2022 will be only for high platforms Ps5 and the XSX? In theory it should be like this and I am increasingly encouraged to get the PS5 but in these times it is better to make strong expenses with a lot of responsibility.
  3. DAVB12

    AI speed at Imola

    The weekend I played Imola, my team made 1.15.545 P16 The pole was 1.14.314. AI in 83
  4. I hope it doesn't happen again, this happened to me on PS4.
  5. So, yesterday I started a new season of my team already with the 2 new tracks updated; everything was going well in Bahrain fighting to be in the top 5 until what... On lap 10, I asked the engineer a question on the radio he answered me and the voice commands were kept open, I could not speak again, I thought that performing a flashback everything would return to normal and I would communicate with dear Jeff again, however the opposite happened, this time it was as if I had no radio. It is the first time this has happened to me since 2019, I want to believe that it is a passing er
  6. Is there already an exact date of Imola? I remember reading a post that said October 15, is the date true?
  7. Great contribution, maybe it was speeding when taking the escape! With your comment you helped me a lot, thank you!
  8. Entonces, como acabamos de ver una gran carrera en Rusia, fue imposible para mí olvidar y pasar desapercibido. Then, as we have just seen a great race in Russia, it was impossible for me to forget and go unnoticed as Alonso took advantage of leaving Turn 1 by taking the escape in that area; well I tried to do something similar, even on the same track, however I didn't have the same results lol. Is anyone favorable to use these loopholes? Obviously without winning or having benefits from cutting the curve, if not with the same circumstances, you know what I mean.
  9. I believe that the desire of all F1 users is the same, to have the "important" updates of the circuits such as Spain, Abu Dhabi, Australia and Azerbaijan; as well as maintaining circuits that may not be used next year such as Portimao and Imola. However, stepping on the ground and being perhaps a little realistic for the same experience with this year's game I doubt very much that all that package of updates and cam will be completed For the only and great reason that next year all cars change from the aesthetic to the way of handling. Another question that comes to mind is whether the g
  10. It would be realistic if you would play a sausage, not a piano or kerb or curb, however you want to know it; In this case it is quite the opposite. Outside of all that I completely agree with what you mention about some being bugs and others are game physics changes or "updates".
  11. It's funny because I only stepped on the curb slightly, as always avoiding the penalty for exiting the circuit, however in this case as I mentioned above, I only flew out of the track, when, if I'm not mistaken, physics should make me go back to the circuit and skid or something like that, however it was quite the opposite, game error by taking THE KERBS OF DEATH.
  12. I don't have the video unfortunately, but I really only stepped on the kerb in the middle of the car, hoping not to penalize, there's the issue of the game error, that jump if I had touched the sausage should make me fly to the track again but in this case it's a trampoline effect that sent me out of this.
  13. Yesterday in the U.S., it's even funny to think that the curbs are totally real, what happened to me here? Redbull give you wings? 🤣 🤣 🤣
  14. It ends up being funny that codis update or modify the kerbs and do not pay special attention to modify or update the circuits, that is, in my view, this ends up being a deception only to "cheer up" the consumer.
  15. Cockney? Excuse me, I'm from Peru, I don't understand what you mean.
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