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  1. Until this date it is known that the real F1, has already had 3 updates in the circuits such as Barcelona turn 10, Australia turn 8, and today Baku leaves with turn 8 of the castle Do you think that some update will come after the launch of those circuits or they are already discarded?
  2. Alguien ha podido tomar una vuelta del segundo lugar, obviamente no en el modo multijugador. Anyone possessed to take a lap away from second place, obviously not in multiplayer mode? It made me want to try that challenge. 😅😅😅
  3. DAVB12

    Safety car

    Of course, I've been a fan for several years, however in every race there's a reason for safety car to come out, in my case it comes out for no reason in the middle of the race, in the middle of a fight with another car.
  4. DAVB12

    Safety car

    7 veces me pasó sin razón.
  5. DAVB12

    Safety car

    I'm in season 2nd, just getting started, I'll see what happens!
  6. DAVB12

    Safety car

    Suelo jugar mi modo carrera, voy en la segunda temporada I usually play my career mode, I go in the second season and I don't know if it's something of the game, a bug, mistake, or so it has to always be but, since the 4th race of the first season, Gp China, absolutely in all races appears the safety car I understand the level of AI, and the closest thing to simulation, however it makes me strange until I think the game is broken to take out safety car in all races. Does anyone have any similar experience?
  7. I just bought that version but I have a doubt apart from the payment that is the main one in the forum, when I see the download date I see that it is planned for July 11 and not the 13 as in theory should be the deluxe edition.
  8. Please codies, make it happen, delay if you wish but do it!
  9. DAVB12


    Please codis make it possible!!
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