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    DiRT Rally (2015) FAQ

    Hi everyone ! I have to say you made a fantastic job on this game, really, it's probably the best racing game I ever played... But because perfection doesn't exist, I had just 2 suggestions to do. Maybe you've already planned to do but... The first one is about the track selection menu, it would be very very great if we could see the map of the tracks BEFORE loading them. Please consider it. The last one is about the replay cameras. The best view angles are on the side of the track, or even in a drone flying far above the car, or trying to follow it. We do the race in internal view ( the true players do >< ), so when we watch the replay, we want to see all what's happened from the outside. The best actual camera set shows us a loop of very cool views and boring views with camera glued on the car body where we can't see anything but dirt... If we can see the entire race from well-placed external cameras it will be marvelous. I'll bless you if you do that ! Your game is excellent, so please, try to make it the most perfect it can be :)