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  1. sdenbroeder

    AI patch 1.05 wet weather pace...

    The AI in the rain on 1.05 is absolutely fine in my experience. The performance was very comparable to the same difficulty level in the dry, so it's all good.
  2. I'm currently in Belgium in season 1 of career mode with Haas. I have done quite some upgrades, but have not had any upgrade failures. While obviously good for my upgrade speed, I feel this issue should still be addressed. At the start of the season I did a few quality control updates, I believe one per department, so the failure chance is about 30% right now, yet I've not had a single failure. Also, Carl has never told me about the successful/failed upgrades when coming into the weekend (the little "radio" message while you're sat at the desk). I'm on PS4, version 1.04. Nevermind, I guess I'd gotten lucky up until Belgium, my upgrade for Italy has just failed. I still didn't get a voice message from Carl about it though.
  3. sdenbroeder

    PS4 Trophies Glitched - F1 2019 [R2]

    Why didn't you post this in the Technical Assistance forums? This doesn't seem very general discussion as it's clearly a bug that needs to be fixed..
  4. sdenbroeder

    Tyre wear in Career Mode

    I am quite smooth already and drive without assists. I'm not talking about the tyre wear practice programme by the way - my issues concern the race simulation programme. Thank you for the tips nonetheless 🙂
  5. sdenbroeder

    Tyre wear in Career Mode

    Hello all, Quick thread asking for your experiences with the tyre wear during the race trim practice programme in career mode. I've noticed that my tyre wear is through the roof when looking at the graphs after the programme, usually 1,2x or 1,4x more than expected. I was wondering if this is something that only I'm struggling with and thus need to get better at personally, or if this is a prevalent theme across most career modes. If the latter turns out to be the case, maybe it's something Codemasters should look into as the wear may be a bit exaggerated. For reference, I do 50% races with a steering wheel on 108 AI. Thanks for your contributions 🙂
  6. sdenbroeder

    best ERS & fuel technique??

    You should use medium or high on straights and between corners. Switch to 0 (none) at the end of straights, into every corner. Make sure your ERS rarely goes below 50% and use hotlap and overtake mode sparingly. When on a hotlap in quali, don't use hotlap mix all the lap. Try to switch between modes 3, 4 and 5 throughout the lap - mode 4 in the higher gears, mode 5 when climbing up the gears and mode three when you can, to make sure you don't run out of deployment before the end of the lap. In terms of fuel, don't use rich more than necessary because it will overheat the engine quickly. You can use the same strategy as the ERS strat I've just mentioned. In quali, obviously use mode 4 all the way through.
  7. I have found myself unable to turn off the music that comes with the highlights option after finishing a race. The music-button on screen is greyed out, and when I pause the highlights video there's an 'R3' button displayed - which I guess should mean turn on/off the music - but pressing R3 doesn't seem to change anything. I'm on PS4, version 1.03. It appeared after my first career race, but isn't exclusive to career mode grands prix.
  8. sdenbroeder

    Photo Mode Bug [ZX]

    Platform: PS4 Version: 1.03 In photo mode, adjusting the shutter speed to anything lower than the default 1/8000 will darken the photo immensely.
  9. sdenbroeder

    Fastest Lap Sound

    I don't think so. Lando Norris streamed F1 2019 yesterday and I didn't hear it once when a new fastest lap was set.
  10. I'd argue the 2019 screenshots look a bit hazy. They're absolutely more realistic compared to 2018, but I would have preferred a middle ground - like in the screen shot from real life I've attached.
  11. Thanks for the info! I'll be contacting customer support.
  12. Are the emails sent to our forum inboxes or to the inboxes of the emails we use to log in? My email adress is out of date but I haven't found a way to update it.
  13. sdenbroeder

    F1 2019 Images

    Doesn't look like there's any new info on the steering wheel screen, but it looks a bit more refined and organised. I love the prospect of yellow/green/purple sector times for current laps in the top right of the screen. I'm very glad Codies seems to start using the official F1 font (which I've grown to accept) and I love the new menu screen. I've never been a fan of the infinite left/right menus with useless game screenshots taking up most of the screen. What will Open Career look like I wonder? I've got the feeling Codies are bringing back the F1 2010-style career mode menus, thus being able to visit multiple places in the paddock - the meeting room, motorhome, possibly a press conference (?) with Claire asking the questions of course. Would be sick to be selected for a thursday pre-weekend press conference every now and then, like the drivers are IRL - and a post-race press conference like we, again, had in F1 2010. The screen in the motorhome says "watch your race replays"; does this mean we get to see every race we've driven in a season? Or will we finally be able to save certain replays and watch them back in-game? How exciting! I've still got a few wishes - which I'll list below - but so far this game looks incredibly promising. I thought I read somewhere that the press can share their experience about the recent F1 2019 event in Germany this Friday so I'm very interested to hear more info around then! My wishes: I'm praying the development race is a bit more realistic this year (a little slower paced, for a start - or equipped with a slider from quick to slow development possibilities) and that contracts are more realistic as well - that we can select a duration (rather than the standard four-race periods we're currently experiencing) and that we can't just sign for a top team without having any results.