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  1. sdenbroeder

    Fastest Lap Sound

    I don't think so. Lando Norris streamed F1 2019 yesterday and I didn't hear it once when a new fastest lap was set.
  2. I'd argue the 2019 screenshots look a bit hazy. They're absolutely more realistic compared to 2018, but I would have preferred a middle ground - like in the screen shot from real life I've attached.
  3. Thanks for the info! I'll be contacting customer support.
  4. Are the emails sent to our forum inboxes or to the inboxes of the emails we use to log in? My email adress is out of date but I haven't found a way to update it.
  5. sdenbroeder

    F1 2019 Images

    Doesn't look like there's any new info on the steering wheel screen, but it looks a bit more refined and organised. I love the prospect of yellow/green/purple sector times for current laps in the top right of the screen. I'm very glad Codies seems to start using the official F1 font (which I've grown to accept) and I love the new menu screen. I've never been a fan of the infinite left/right menus with useless game screenshots taking up most of the screen. What will Open Career look like I wonder? I've got the feeling Codies are bringing back the F1 2010-style career mode menus, thus being able to visit multiple places in the paddock - the meeting room, motorhome, possibly a press conference (?) with Claire asking the questions of course. Would be sick to be selected for a thursday pre-weekend press conference every now and then, like the drivers are IRL - and a post-race press conference like we, again, had in F1 2010. The screen in the motorhome says "watch your race replays"; does this mean we get to see every race we've driven in a season? Or will we finally be able to save certain replays and watch them back in-game? How exciting! I've still got a few wishes - which I'll list below - but so far this game looks incredibly promising. I thought I read somewhere that the press can share their experience about the recent F1 2019 event in Germany this Friday so I'm very interested to hear more info around then! My wishes: I'm praying the development race is a bit more realistic this year (a little slower paced, for a start - or equipped with a slider from quick to slow development possibilities) and that contracts are more realistic as well - that we can select a duration (rather than the standard four-race periods we're currently experiencing) and that we can't just sign for a top team without having any results.