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  1. sdenbroeder

    FFB fault Japan

    Thanks to the both of you for your responses and suggestions, I'll look into updating my firmware and will hope for the best. Thanks again!
  2. sdenbroeder

    FFB fault Japan

    version 1.22, PS4. Career mode, 50% race in Japan in season 3. After a few laps the force feedback of my thrust master t300 rs GT wheel completely failed, making steering way too light and giving me a floating feeling. Every time that this happened, it occurred towards the end of sector 1, usually through Dunlop. At first, I tried a mid-session save and PlayStation restart which fixed it for a few laps. However, the issue came back. I noticed I was able to fix it for a lap, by pausing for about ten seconds, until it came back around the same part of the lap the next time. The force feedback settings were the same throughout.
  3. PS4, v.1.22, career mode: I chipped off some front wing during a race at Silverstone, but nothing major enough to warrant a pitstop; I could still take copse in 7th, luffield in 3rd gear. When I tried to defend my position from the driver behind me, however, I was ghosted and the AI could drive straight through me. This is very unfair to me; though, I admit, I wasn't the fastest anymore, I was denied the opportunity to fight for my position because all of the AI drivers could literally go straight through me. I would like to see this fixed - this is not at all realistic and ruins the game for those who prefer not to use flashbacks, thus try to live with any front wing damage they get. Not being able to defend felt like a slap in the face.
  4. Hi, quick question I wasn't able to find the answer to - in the case of a regulation change you have to adapt parts, of course. If you purchase upgrades at the very end of the season, will they apply to the car at the start of the next season, or do they fail because they have to be adapted to the new regulations? Thanks
  5. sdenbroeder

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    Great to see the AI R&D pace is being adjusted. Could I ask why this will take longer to notice, the further into career the player is?
  6. sdenbroeder

    It's time for telemetry

    Thanks very much for alerting me about this, it's really fun to experiment with the links you provided! I still believe it's better for Codies to implement this themselves, but for the time being I can definitely amuse myself in this way.
  7. sdenbroeder

    It's time for telemetry

    I would argue that in a Formula One racing game, telemetry should be a basic feature.
  8. sdenbroeder

    It's time for telemetry

    I commend those that have taken the initiative and made telemetry available with their own software, and it's also good to know there are options out there to gain access to this data, even if it's only available on PC. However, I feel that shouldn't hold Codemasters back in trying to implement telemetry into their game in their own way, it's not like Codies owe these community developers anything, right?
  9. I'm talking about the for F1 2019 added red/green/purple sector time colours underneath your quickest lap time. I've noticed that the colours that are shown, are based off of your delta when crossing a sector line. This means that, for example, if I was 2 tenths up on my best time in sector one, it would show green; if I subsequently lost 0.100 second of that advantage (thus still being 1 tenth quicker than my best time), sector two would also show green, despite the sector being slower (officially yellow, but on the game red for some reason). This may be a marginal thing, but it can be quite the inaccuracy if you really care about sector times. TL;DR: The red/green/purple sector colours are based off of the delta time when crossing sector lines, instead of the actual time of that sector. I'm playing on a PS4, version 1.07, this issue occurs in all game modes.
  10. sdenbroeder

    It's time for telemetry

    It's great to see the telemetry is already available. Pardon my ignorance, against whom would Codies be competing exactly by adding this telemetry into the player's career mode?
  11. sdenbroeder

    It's time for telemetry

    With the recent games trying to take more to the simracing side of games, I feel it should be a necessity beyond this game to have telemetry during and between sessions, at least in career mode. I know time trial has some kind of telemetry, however that's not what I'm talking about. The image below shows what I mean: I think that in career mode, you should be able to see the telemetry between yourself and your team mate. This is available in real life and should also be available in the game. In the current games, the only way to know where you're lacking compared to the AI (which of course switches from track to track due to the terrible AI pace consistency, but that's another issue) is by comparing sector times. This doesn't tell you enough, though, as there may be some corners in a sector where you are quick, but others where you lose time. If we were able to get telemetry on the screens on top of the cockpit, during sessions, similar to the way the real F1 drivers do (again, see picture), that would take away the guesswork for players while also improving realism and immersion for the sim title this game series strives to attain.
  12. sdenbroeder


    I believe if you go to the theatre tab on the main menu, and press "keep highlight" on one of your three most recent highlights, you'll be able to save that highlight.
  13. sdenbroeder

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

  14. sdenbroeder

    AI patch 1.05 wet weather pace...

    The AI in the rain on 1.05 is absolutely fine in my experience. The performance was very comparable to the same difficulty level in the dry, so it's all good.