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  1. Could you please remove the "awaiting information" tag @BarryBL? I've updated my post with plenty of info.
  2. Sure thing @BarryBL. I have illustrated my point using the following screenshots. In this situation, I have set one base lap time which is therefore considered my fastest time so far. The screenshots below are made on lap 2. At the end there's a Race Director lap time screenshot to provide a general overview. In sector one, I was 0.842 faster than sector 1 on the previous lap. The screenshot above illustrates that. The sector 1 colour on the bottom right is also green. This is correct, all good so far. Now this is on the same lap, at the end of sector 2. As you can see, I am
  3. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. The three sector split colours in the lap time part of the OSD are triggered incorrectly. With the current system, the colour shown in the sector (red, green, purple) correspond with the delta time at the sector split. Instead, it should reflect the sector times compared to previous little laps. For instance, if on my second lap I gain 0.500 in sector one on the lap before, and lose 0.200 in sector two, both sectors will show a green colour because I'm still up 0.300 on my previous best. In fact, however, s
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