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  1. I'm very curious about how the game feels. It would be awesome if the handling is (a bit) like Assetto Corsa.
  2. @EclipsiumYou've chosen a kinda bad moment for this topic
  3. Why not at 5? The announcement trailer was at 5, and the deluxe edition trailer too.
  4. Everyone who cares about this: (official) Gameplay will be out today or tomorrow.
  5. I'm Dutch so I don't really hope so ;)
  6. Who do you all think will be the fastest car in Baku (Red Bull or Mercedes)? I honestly don't know. Mercedes looked like they were faster in Portimao and Spain, but Red Bull destroyed them at Monaco, so Red Bull clearly have a downforce advantage over Mercedes. But on the long straight at Baku, the Mercedes engine has a big advantage over Red Bull. But going back to Red Bull, they can use the flexi rear wing for Baku, and has a lot of corners too, so my conclusion would be that Red Bull will be fastest, but any other opinions are welcome.
  7. If you're not selected like me, it's honestly far away from the end of the world. We will see F1 2021 gameplay before/on the 2nd of June, the game will be out in one and a half month and we will get to see some trailers (like the gameplay trailer, the features trailer, the accolades trailer, etc.).
  8. I get what you mean matešŸ˜› And I agree.
  9. The main purpose of this suggestion is that you can have more customisation options for a season, not really how many races could fit in a calendar. Just starting the season in Brazil and finishing in Belgium (an example) would be awesome: So I mean mainly the order of races, not really the amount (However the amount could possibly be a reason why Codies haven't done this yet, because there are always people who will put 100 races in one season then complain about it not being possible)
  10. Winter break, summer break, pre-season testing - just wouldnā€™t work.
  11. Not always, if someone hits you in the rear really hard, you get FRONT wing damagešŸ˜…
  12. I think it's harder to program more than 23 races, because we would have to do races outside weekends, and that isn't possible of course.
  13. Isn't it cool to start off the season in Austria twice, then to Hungary, etc. Just creating your own calendar, how you like it. In most leagues on F1 2020, there are made custom calendars too.
  14. Codies have introduced this feature in F1 2020 partly, but you can only customise the calendar in 22, 16 or 10 races, and all in the same order. So I would suggest making a feature where you can choose which track is round 1, round 2, round 3, etc. (Multiplayer already has this feature) It might be a bit hard to program this in Career mode, but I think it's worth the time.
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