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  1. Last year, Codies released F1 2020 Zandvoort - First Look just a week after the announcement trailer, but now it’s been three weeks after the announcement trailer and we still haven’t seen anything. I know, I’m not patient enough, but I would really like to see just a small piece of gameplay.
  2. It’s impossible of course but it would be awesome if Codies just copied Assetto Corsa physics and handling and put it into the F1 game. Then Codies should hold the arcade physics they have now and put it in the game as a Casual mode for controller players. The expert mode would be with Assetto Corsa physics.
  3. I’m Dutch and I don’t understand your point.
  4. Yes, probably means that there will be something like a 1-100 scale on Traction Control, ABS, braking assist, etc.
  5. The F1 game should be accessible for everyone, not only the sim racers but also the fans who play it just to have some fun. I wet weather is too hard for them, there should be an assist that lets them play how they would like to play F1.
  6. F1 2020 is honestly more of an arcade game than a real simcade. It’s not really challenging to race without assists. If you just put in the practice and you’re on wheel almost anyone can play F1 without assists. In my opinion Codies should focus on the physics more, the graphics are already one of the best of all racing games.
  7. I think Codies should make a wet condition assist. If you think driving in the wet is too hard, you put on the assist. If you like a bit of realism, you put off the assist.
  8. The weather physics aren’t optimal too. In F1 2020, the fastest line is the dry line, there are no changes to that. But when rubber builds up over a weekend, the dry line isn’t as quick as the outside of the track, where there’s no rubber yet. It would be really cool to have wet weather physics in F1 2021. Below, you see a picture of Max Verstappen finding grip on the outside of the track overtaking Nico Rosberg who’s on the dry line.
  9. I just applied to the F1 2021 BETA, this is the first time I applied for it. I’m an experienced F1 player on wheel, so I would love to help Codies developing and testing the new game.
  10. Is it true that anyone can sign up for the beta? Because I'm not like a famous YouTuber, I just enjoy racing a lot and I'd like to help Codies to test the game.
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