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  1. Thanks haha, refreshing my steam every minute,
  2. I have noticed on twitch people are streaming the F1 2021 game. I am wondering how this is happening and if they are going to have access revoked until the real release date? thanks.
  3. i have talked to a few people and they think an early morning 13th release is going to happen for australia. not confirmed just talking to some friends about it
  4. I personally think the BWT driver to blame as the Renault driver is already committed to the position but the BWT cuts the Renault driver's line. If I was a steward I would deem it NFA or a light penalty. I believe this could have been avoided by perhaps giving the Renault more space. Can't wait to hear what other drivers think.
  5. Will do. Will collect this tomorrow as it is 11pm for me right now. I find this only really happens on a few select walls but I will go full beans into a few different walls and see what happens. Will keep you all posted.
  6. Here is another video of it occuring. Once again was on the "full damage" setting. https://youtu.be/pJCU3zB7Xt4 and detailing the mfd for damage (none)
  7. 1: Yeah I didn't think it would be helpful but someone asked for it so I provided it. 2: Ahh this was poor clipping. After the crash I checked it and there was no damage where there 100% should have been. 3: Yes, I will uninstall these utilities now. Will attempt recreation for a video now.
  8. I had a bug where in MP when someone joins or leaves, this "communicating to online services" blocks the screen and puts all drivers in AI. Luckily it was fixed within the first month.
  9. here is a better dxdiag with more system info DxDiag.txt
  10. You need the txt right? if yes here it is DxDiag.txt
  11. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. When going to crash into a barrier on any damage mode (sim, normal, reduced) does not produce any damage and moves my car around Platform PC What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.18 Game-mode? My team, Career, MP We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? Yes. Very simple to recreate. How do you make th
  12. Update. On the MS Store there is a tag "120 fps" which backs up what I said previously :). I see that ray tracing too. sneaky
  13. I believe so, on the Microsoft store page it states "Optimised for Xbox Series X|S". I have no idea what it means though but with the power of the consoles it is extremely likely.
  14. Same on my end. I race in an aussie only league and have only ever experienced this once. Luckily it happened in the last 3 minutes of quali and we got back up and running in a few minutes. Still a bit annoying. I could possibly dig up some footage and make a report. I think it depends on the host location compared to the players, which isn't the best for players who live across the world in the international leagues.
  15. Sounds like an alright idea. Would be a good way to increase the upgrade tree because of the increased flow of resource points and would be really cool if the drivers could be "sick" or "injured" so the reserve driver comes into action. They could also use the 2nd car for FP1 and bring back information at the end.
  16. I was there... once
  17. Answers 1: I am assuming they will all be on the driver market as free agents and you can sign them as you wish. 2: They may hire them if the stay on the market for a while, unsure. They will only be in my team I am 99% sure. 3: This may be possible but with the information we have as community members I do not know. Please note. Most of this is speculation and some of this is taken from the display video, so please take these answers with a grain of salt 😀
  18. My favourite game has got to be F1 2018. I am going to use the chart from Eclipsium Graphics: F1 2020, looks stunning with a good pc and even when I was running a 1060 at ultra low I could deal with it. Gameplay/Handling: My favourite for this has to be F1 2018, this game really suits my driving style and I find myself really fast when I go back to beat my old time trial times. Tracks: Same as Eclipsium, nothing more needs to be said. I still sometimes go back to F1 2013 just to experience some of the tracks we were lucky enough to get in the 2020 F1 season Modes: F1 2021, from what
  19. Answers for you 1: Gran Turismo as it is not as free roaming as midnight club. GA is track based not open world. 2: There is a career mode. It is more contract based from what I remember. 3: Yes there are. Open wheels, touring cars, everything you need! Check the full list here 4: Yes, even the starter races are around 2 laps. Just enough time to do them!
  20. Exactly. It pains me to see people wanting to "have fun" and "see the game early" because in the end, it is no way like that from what I have heard from previous testers. And if you want to play before anyone else just buy the deluxe package lol. I have never done a beta, yet I have been told by previous beta testers that it is not what you expect when I first saw the beta post. That is why I like the selection system (what has been revealed of it) because it is to filter the people who signed up and have not contributed at all to bug reports or the forums in general. Sorry if I was waffling o
  21. Didn't it say somewhere that he was nearly pulling the plug at some point? I could be wrong but...
  22. Yeah I agree, the new career mode looks great and will definitely bring more players in. Great to see Devon Butler possibly being back (even though he will probably steal my driver number (#71)) as he was a great (but annoying) personality in 2019 . Also quite happy to see possible visual improvements as I haven't helped but notice the Ray Tracing requirements on the F1 2021 steam page.
  23. I think it is best we stop putting predictions on the team so they can get through all of them without having to worry about their "deadlines" the community expects. there are 10000 to go through and I imagine they have to go through all the the applicants posts and contributions as well.
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