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  1. Hi Codies Just had an odd occurrence at the Canadian GP. The safety car triggered but didn't pick up the leaders, over my radio I was told to pass the safety car which I promptly did. Only once I had, I was restricted to the speed that you automatically get locked too behind the safety car. The rest of the pack that were also told to pass then quickly passed me at full speed, (I ghosted as I was going too slow) I dropped from 5th to last over that lap and never caught up to the safety car again, which went in 3 laps later. Luckily I had a mid session save a few laps before the trigger so it didn't wreck my race! Oh and its raining too frequently imo, have had rain in 4 of 7 Quali sessions and 3 of 7 races so far in my season. Thanks Dan
  2. systemlord1701

    Avalaible on steam !!!

    Yep game is unlocked in Australia.
  3. systemlord1701

    Avalaible on steam !!!

    Downloaded a small file, wrote to disk for 10 minutes. Now the button says play and not preload. Installing now...hope it works. I'm in Australia btw
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    Welcome Back to the Forums!

    Nice to see the forums back, been too long :)