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  1. DRL - S3 - [SIGNUPS OPENED] PC EU F1 2021 + CASH PRIZE Hello there! Hope you are having a great day. I'm a moderator for the Drift Racing League organization, and I'm here to tell you our third season of racing is launching in only a couple of weeks. Are you interested in driving in a league that prioritizes the driver's interests and clean racing? Our league might just be perfect for you! Right now we are sticking to one tier only, to focus on giving you a good time Having a competitive and consistent racing experience is our only goal. This means if you decide to give it a shot, we can
  2. DRL - S2 - RESERVE/FULL TIME SEATS OPEN PC EU F1 2020 Hello there! Are you interested in driving in our second season of racing? Join our discord and get yourself a seat on the grid. The races are every Saturday at 8:30 pm CEST. - 50% race distance - Full qualifying - Dynamic weather - Small cash prize reward - Strict corner cutting - All assists except for pit assists allowed - Race incident stewards to review reports after the race - 5 lap sprint race competition before every 50% event - Short 10 race calendar Discord link: https://discord.gg/DyEcdXYG2m
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