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  1. Hi, i have a T500 with F1 Ferarri Add-on and i have a fix for this. In game settings, change to fullscreen borderless. If you have no ffb in game, hit start (so the ai drives itself or just pause in time trial for example) Unplug the USB till it says, controller disconnected. Wait a few seconds and plug it back in, the wheel should center itself again and rotate a few times, Then force feedback comes back. If you Tab Out of the game while in fullscreen (not borderless) you will lose Force feeback. Make sure to install the latest firmware update for your wheel and update t
  2. In ranked, I placed at silver 1 and B safety rating. It only took a few races to reach A safety rating, then another few races for S safety rating. The problem is that i cannot find any lobbies with S safety rating. Why is it that i get punished for racing clean, and everyone else can enjoy ranked racing in near full lobbies at A or B safety rating. It appears i have 2 options, wait for more people to increase their safety rating (which will take a week or two) or decrease my safety rating by crashing and ramming others. Its kinda disgraceful to ram others but i can only blame codem
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