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  1. Josh Idowu Monaco TT WR some months back. Also Spa T1
  2. "To remove the unrealistic part of low speed cornering". Drifting with rears locked was the fastest way in slow speed pre patch. They wanted to remove it before esports.
  3. People can get hacked ingame. Today this problem happened to this f1 streamer. A hacker was driving in a multiplayer session with cheats as other people. No, he did not just change his steam name, he was able to take control of other peoples accounts and drive as them, without hacking their steam accounts. Checked this by clicking view profile, which led me to my steam friends profile who wasn't even home at the time and hadn't played the game for few days. He checked no one had logged into their steam so the hacker has some other way of taking control. The hacker played at least as the stream
  4. A detailed description of the issue. In 2 player career, both drivers in the lobby. Host goes to change settings, 2nd player goes to the same settings tab and host changes some settings, some voice lines from either jeff or the commentators are played for the 2nd player who is watching the settings change. Report Code None available in lobby Platform? PC Game-mode? 2 player career Any screenshots or video of the issue? https://youtu.be/CpGP6hUzAy4 How do you make the problem happen? Two people start a 2 player career, both join the lobby. Host goes to a certain
  5. @Getts0388 I dont think so. As I said in the post, the patch said "MFD will now pop-up after receiving minor damage". Which was a fix for mfd not popping up after minor damage. And I believe that fix caused this another bug, as this cant be a feature done on purpose because nothing was said about. Maybe @BarryBL or someone else can corfirm this, and that are they aware of this.
  6. A detailed description of the issue. Low revs engine sounds are bugged for spectators. Happens everytime for everyone who spectates a car at low revs. Platform? PC Game-mode? Online, or any multiplayer game mode Any screenshots or video of the issue? https://youtu.be/qCcZ92AR1uw How do you make the problem happen? Join any online session as a spectator and spectate a driver whose engine is at some point at low revs and the engine sounds like its "coughing".
  7. A detailed description of the issue. After 1.06 patch car damage mfd panel keeps opening every time each tyre reaches 20, 40% .. etc wear. Happens to everybody, not only me. This fix in the latest patch probably caused it: "MFD will now pop-up after receiving minor damage." Report Code: THJM-DBKG-AVDE-GRMG Platform? PC Game-mode? GP mode, happens in every game mode though (GP, Career, Online) Any screenshots or video of the issue? https://youtu.be/bA7dFqmJ1po How do you make the problem happen? Go to any game mode and just drive the race until tyres reach 20%
  8. Now found out that before starting in lobby it says equal. But cant find where to find it?
  9. On 2 player career on pc in the first race AI seemed to have equal cars as the gaps were not there? Or am I doing something wrong? Haas cant be 0.2sec off pole right? @BarryBL
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