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  1. man i am in this, title defence incoming😅 I would like to stick with HAAS then.
  2. @BarryBLyou gonna add me to haas for the season? will try and do a schumacher ride then 😄
  3. just to answer your question shortly, yes codies implemented that feature during the 2020 game cicle. it wasn't there from the beginning, but at the end. this kind of "wave" symbol behind your car signalizes it's on or not.
  4. Hey, first of all yes this is pc, there is a link at the top for the steam chat for further info/chat and notification when the lobby opens. The races are always the same time "fridays 4pm bst/bt" so it's your time, mine is 5 pm then.😄 Assists and setups are free to use them all, 50% races (if different it will be announced), strict corner cutting. As of for the damage i'm not sure what the admin and moderator team (barry/up100...) have chosen, in 2020 we had full damage but no sim damage, as there is players of all skill lvl. You don't have to stream/record, but you can if you
  5. Hey chaps, if the seat is still free, I'll take the open Haas seat for the new season. Hope to produce something more than in the last 2020 season😅
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