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  1. When I started "My Career" or "My team" i found I had enough money to pretty much level up all my mechanics and staff and also had lots of valuable cars in my garage. I'm guessing this isn't right and is DLC stuff but I have no idea how much money and what car I'm SUPPOSED to start with.............. and I don't wanna just be "gifted" all this stuff, doesn't that defeat the point? Yet I can't seem to find a way to reset to default.......?
  2. Hi everyone. So I live in China, and I have a bit of a weird connection issue. Since I bought this game three days ago I have never been able to connect, I always get error code e4669c75-58-58. I have tried with my VPN on and off and with all my ports open. I don't get why an offline game has no OFFLINE mode for single player and why when I can connect and post here why it can't do such a simple thing as connect to something. I have no other connection problems in my "normal" playing or use of the internet, and I bought the game legitimately IN CHINA so there definitely s
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