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  1. Fair enough, however same applies to all the mongoloids who are going on about this game like the FIFA Devs took it over. Bores the life out of me.
  2. This isn't an EA issue. This game was already in production before EA took them over. They haven't had time to make the kinds of changes your harping on. They have a bug in there game on new piece of hardware. Same as activision have with Black ops. I am as annoyed as anybody about this bug. Very worrying however I am sick to death of seeing the fear mongers blaming EA. EA may make the next few games better for all you know. They have financial clout unlike any other. Let's just let it happen for god's sake. Say what you want about EA but alot of their problems stem from massive player counts,
  3. Because they can't/won't admit that this is a a widespread problem that affects more than the limited aspects they speak in the title. I have persevered with this rubbish for ages now. Basically since release. It's not on. Change the title, get it sorted and roll it out quick. @BarryBL surely you can give.sone information on a deadline or is it very laxydazical at a giant developer these days "just get it done when you can and if you can't that's okay" shambolic unapologetic disgraces shipping a game like this. Ironically I bought the ultimate edition but the only thing ultimate about it is th
  4. The original thread was the shut down issue. This is still occuring doesn't really matter where. Not bothered anymore. Just want it sorting. Taking forever. Shambolic tbh. Waiting for hardware affecting bugs to be sorted. I could have been to uni, studied coding and sorted it myself by now.
  5. I did say to one of the admins that he shouldn't have changed the thread name but they don't listen. Mine was nothing to do with replays or cut scenes. Still isn't. @BarryBL could potentially change it back.
  6. My crash wasn't during replay or cut scenes so not necessarily correct and may deter other users from posting. Mine was usually post race screen when able to view standings etc. Absolute shambles this. Still getting crashed post update. @BarryBL has been helping to communicate but gets to a point where talk is cheap. Get it sorted.
  7. Last word on this from me but this game F1 2021 is not behind as much of a paywall as you are making out. I remember f12020 being a bit sparce on customisation content before I had done a few podium pass seasons. It was moving that way before EA bought it. Despite EA selling alot of games esp into the sports market alot of what people find wrong is nitpicking. I like this year's game alot. For you to think that a game that was so far in development as f12021 was has been influenced by EA execs is absurd. Also Free track DLC isn't something I would call an EA trademark bro. Let it happen before
  8. As I said though mate, the organisation is mostly unchanged. The patch delivery is almost identical, game has taken a step forward for me this year with better mode offerings and the series x boost. If you think EA has a baring on that this early your wrong.
  9. Bro they have literally nearly nothing to do with this title other than publishing it. Basically the same team at codies. People need to realise. They aren't heavily involved in the game development here (yet). @BarryBL bump on the update. I know we have patch 1.06 imminent when will that land on Xbox and does it include the fix we are discussing here?
  10. We are all in the same boat here @gillybcfc. I was hoping for a date by now tbh. At this point a general leas time on delivery of the fix will do me. Any news @BarryBL?
  11. They have a fix in hand ready to launch. Shouldn't be too much longer now. I feel your pain. We just need to patient now as difficult as that may be. @BarryBLwill be in touch with a solid date when he has one. As I understand it they have to work with MS to deliver the patch which slows it somewhat.
  12. @Btrgamble yes that's the fix they are working on. Sometimes it overheats and does failsafe without message but it's the game that causes it 100 percent. @BarryBL cheers for the update, let us know when you get a solid date.
  13. @BarryBL has advised that the people involved were contacted regarding this so as far as I am concerned it's over. I would just like to know when a fix is likely at this point. Really getting me down now. Love this game but can't do more than 25 percent race weekends for fear of over exerting my hardware into a shutdown until the fix is live. Have no issues with my hardware on any other game even black ops cold war that was buggy as hell with ray tracing etc..
  14. I have been playing little and often with no adverse affects but annoying that I can't just sesh it like I used to. @BarryBL any news on the launch for the fix?
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