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  1. Yeah, It is kind of strange.. I'm not switching to the ps4 version (I have the ps4 disc) because it has many downsides Can the people from Codemasters please report this as a bug. For the codemasters staff, Thanks for reading. Daan PSN: AmericanCrusher
  2. Hello, I’m experiencing a kind of issue that really impacts my driving skills in the F1 2021 game (All Modes) When i play F1 2021 on the PS5, My wheel: The Logitech G29. feels kind of wobbly with the same force feedback settings as on F1 2020. I don’t like playing with a wobbly wheel My settings on F1 2020 are the following: FFB Strength: 15 Circuit Effects: 5 Ripple effects: 5 Off-track effects: 5 Wheeldamper: 60 Enhanced understeer: off Maximal Wheel Rotation: 180 degrees All my Calibration settings are set to 0 I Already tried various other setup's but
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