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  1. Like GizT7, ZigZag didn´pay twice in my career
  2. This folder is about 84mb big, even as compressed folder. Is there any other method to send it, or did I do something wrong.
  3. One of the Sponsors didn´t cash out after the Netherlands GP The sponsor wants the team to do 30 laps per weekend. With training and an upcoming 100% race, we came to 153 laps (despite my failure). Link to the vid below Report Code: SHDJ-HJBT-EEGG-EDJE (hope that´s the right) PC My Team I didn´t made anything different, but in this race i was out of the race in Lap 31 after a technical Issue with the MGU-K Edit: Save Game https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dJa3cZkzueBTTEXUehGMsGR-i-aKNDGa/view?usp=sharing Time stamp: 1:20:15
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