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  1. GAC90

    Save Game Corrupted

    From the start I have selected 'continue without saving'. Set up my avatar with the following: Gloves: Twin Stip Race Suit: Divided Helmet: Back Blaster Livery: Pinstriped Character use selected for multiplayer/solo & F1 2020 Save1 (check boxes). Badge left as default selection. Where do I save from here?
  2. GAC90

    Save Game Corrupted

    Do I need to start a 'new saved game' in order to do that? Or from within 'continue without saving'?
  3. GAC90

    Save Game Corrupted

    Gloves: Sharp Race Suit: Sharp Livery: Roulette Helmet: Ribbon Not 100% sure of the exact colours for each item. However I hope that helps somewhat.
  4. GAC90

    Save Game Corrupted

    Choosing 'continue without saving', gives me my pitcoins & tier that I had. All customizations (liveries, characters, badges) appear to be within the inventory. Schumacher avatar is noticeably missing. However, My Team & Carrer progression is lost. As well as badge, charachter profile, & car livery set up.
  5. GAC90

    Save Game Corrupted

    I don't recall the names and even still I'm unable to give them since I can not access my saved game at all.
  6. GAC90

    Save Game Corrupted

    I'm unable to do that, as I cannot access my saved data. As it is unable to load. See attached images.
  7. GAC90

    Save Game Corrupted

    Sorry not entirely sure by what you mean, but will do my best to explain. As far as customisation, gear used was earned through regular game play (series 1-5). However the last livery I was using was purchased with pitcoins, during series 5. I had been using it on My Team, and was 5 races from completing season 9.
  8. Hi First time posting, please advise if I'm in the wrong here. 1. Error code: CORRUPTED SAVE, RECOVERY: 6522DF69-6522DF69-2144DF1C 2. Version: 1.18 3. PS4 4. Issue occurs at start screen of the game (load screen). 5. Error occurs even after restarting game and console, unable to recover save game when attempt promted. However did have an 'unable to save' message the previous day. That did not affect the gameplay after shutdown/start up. 6. Unable to troubleshoot further. 7. No accessories connected, only controller used.