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  1. Thanks @BarryBL and the team! It works for me and I am happy now! 🙃
  2. Nope, I even ordered a Fanatec CSL DD which is supposed to come by 3th of January and it is possible that the base could arrive before a fix is introduced... 🙂
  3. This actually is not as much as it sounds. There are cheap routers and switches that supports IEEE 802.1q and my PC is about 4 years old (i7 4770 with GTX 1080) which is more than enough to play F1 2021. I do not play any other games as I do not have the time for that and I use a normal not high-end laptop for work and social stuff...And I isolated it from the rest of the network in case I got a virus while testing DriverPack not because there are any other benefits from this...
  4. I have a dedicated PC only for the F1 and I moved it to a separate VLAN which is isolated from the rest of the devices...So, the worst that could happen is to have to loose 2 hours in re-installing and configuring my Windows... 🙂
  5. I guess that this should to be done everytime the PC is restarted...So, I will wait a little longer for a codemasters' solution. Thanks
  6. I tested the work around "solution" using Driverpack Solution but it does not work as it is supposed to. There is no FFb at hight speed and at low speed it is not as good as it should be...The game is playable and it is better than without FFb at all but it is not yet what it is supposed to be...
  7. Force Feedback on Logitech G923 stopped working after the update to 1.13. The FFb works fine on F1 2020 and it also worked with no issues on F1 2021 before the patch. PC Windows 10 Pro 20H2 x64 Tried restarting, re-installing the drivers, the G-Hub and the game but nothing helped sorting the problem. F1.txt
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