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  1. Hi Everyone! I have a question, when Codemasters will add the new tracks?
  2. Hello Everyone! Is normal that Imola and Portimao and the new layouts of Melbourne, Barcelona and Yas Marina will not be at the day one? Will this tracks come in the next patches? You know something about this argument? Thank you 😁
  3. I don't have it 😂
  4. Hi everyone! Just to know, anyone got the beta code?
  5. No mate, you were register too much late. Btw I hope good for you. A lot of people deserves to try the beta and report issues, bugs, glitches...
  6. Yeah, I'm waiting too. I hope i will be selected ;(
  7. Yeah, you're right! It will happen at 100%
  8. Yup, I posted it if any person can't see this massage. 😁
  9. Hi everyone, Thanks for your patience in this BETA period. I am delighted to announce that successful applicants will begin to see the 2021 BETA forum soon. However, we are working in a new method this year (due to the amount of players needing to see the group), so please be patient. If you can't see it right away, don't panic. We have a LOT of people to get to one place, and will take time. On the codes situation, we are predicting that, all goes well, it should be within the next 10 days. I must ask for people to continue to show restraint in asking me ab
  10. Not yet mate, be patient please. Codemasters is doing the possible to give the beta at us.
  11. Yeah, I saw some topics 2 days ago and there were a lot of people that they were asking about the beta and if anyone had a code or something else
  12. Yeah, but it's all fine and we are in "good hands"
  13. Yeah, you're right. It's like, uhm, they're not understanding ANYTHING 😂 LOL
  14. Btw I agree, not yet.
  15. I saw that you're joined the 14th May 2021 in the forum, I can confirm that you will not able to join into the beta. Sorry mate 😕
  16. No, you need to be very active. Anyone, can join into the beta but... You need to be joined before the 10th May 2021, after this date, you will not be able to participate into the beta. Than, everything is casual, and if you will be lucky you will get the code with the beta. If you're not lucky, no codes for you :/. Ik that I will be not lucky, because is everytime the same way. But you... I hope good for you mate ❤️🥺
  17. I'm feeling so much happy 🥺❤️
  18. I have ever said this, THIS FORUM HAS THE BEST COMMUNITY EVER. C'mon, admit this. Everyone shares everything he wants and the people is "happy" to ask. Yeah...
  19. Btw I know that I will not in the Beta. Coze I'm new. I subbed like the 10 may! But happy to be here
  20. Yup, if you read the terms and conditions of the Beta test you will read that you need to talk ONLY with Codemasters! No one needs to know that you have played F1 2021 and seriously you don't stream in every platform or upload videos. It's a serious thing, then, you need to respect this simple things. Pay attention!!!
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