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  1. I would really like to see how Codemasters would handle this situation if the same happened for Fanatec wheels, since F1 Esports use those and it's an official F1 event. Do you think they'd keep them waiting weeks or simply work harder to push for an update quicker than they would for regular players?
  2. Barry was last online on Friday evening, so it's clear that their community manager(s) don't work on weekends. Can't imagine their developers working weekends either, so don't think anything will have changed since Barry last updated us. You'd think it would be a much easier bug to fix than some other bugs but I'm honestly starting to think that they don't know how to fix it since Barry said he'd update us when he had more info and he hasn't. You could say that maybe they do have it fixed and are just waiting until Monday afternoon when they normally push updates out, but clearly that's not th
  3. ACC is fun. Who knows, by the time Codemasters fix this issue, you may be a master of ACC.
  4. I don't believe there is a fix for the G923. I haven't read every comment but someone said non of the fixes that were recommended by others actually worked for the G923. Seems like we'll have to wait for an official fix.
  5. If you read just above, Krat96 mentioned something but I have not tried it. It's a real shame, I can't race without force feedback and I've been waiting all day for a hotfix, but it could even be a few days before we get a hotfix.
  6. Same, my league starts on Saturday evening, looks like I won't be able to race as it'll most likely be a few weeks until they release a hotfix.
  7. Hi, just updated to 1.13 and I suddenly have no FFB on the Logitech G923. I was playing the game just before 10AM GMT and my FFB was working completely fine and just tried on a few other games to make sure it wasn't my wheel. It appears 1.13 has broken my force feedback or maybe broken force feedback on the G923 altogether? My friend has the G29 and FFB is working absolutely fine, does anyone else have this issue with the G923? Thanks. Report Code: PSVC-RERM-GTDA-AJJE Platform: PC Game-mode: Every game mode Troubleshooting: Re-installing game, re installing Logitech G-HUB (not related
  8. Hi, I have left the account for 1 month, just tried it again and I still cannot gain access to the account. Do you have any other ideas? I've not been able to access the account for around 2 months now and it's pretty irritating 😞
  9. Hi, did you get anywhere with this? I've been having this problem with my league account for several weeks now, emailed them and they didn't help in any way, I just can't log into the account at all because of this error. Account is linked to our Twitch, Steam, can't connect to Google because it's "blocked" apparently, so I don't see what I'm supposed to link the account to...
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