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  1. hey, thanks for your reply! weve got no error code, but i will check the league tonight! thank u very much 👋☺️ i will inform u! 🙌🏾
  2. hey, maybe who can help us? we had a 50% league race on friday. after the race after the award ceremony suddenly the message “change of host” came up and all results were gone 🤬 and the status of the lobby was again before the race. our questions: can we skip the GP in the league and can the results be edited afterwards? we don't want to drive the race (vietnam) 🙈 again ... thank you very much for your help! 🙌🏾 - platform ps4 - 4 players - private league (ZUAVK F1 GP 2021) - 1.18 - i‘m the host - happens 1st may, ca. 0h20 (gmt+1) thank u very much
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