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  1. 1. A description of the issue: On career, FP1 of Australia, did track recon and tire wear tests. After that, every time I get on track, my DRS is stuck opened and need to come back to pit. This is on a loop and can't do anything else. I see others complained of the same. Not needing a fix (focus should be F1 2021), but leaving a heads up of this issue happening on May 2nd 2021 for that last version of 2 games ago (1.22) 2. What version of the game you are using: F1 2019 v1.22 on PS5 (PS4 retro-compatibility) 3. Game-mode? Career 4. Are you able to recreate the issue
  2. Hello to all gear heads, petrol heads, F1 heads, Grid heads, Dirt heads and any 4 wheels and a steering wheel Codemasters heads
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