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  1. I got an answer from the Thrustmaster-Support. They said its a known firmware error and they are working on a fix. They want to solve the issue before the worlwide release of the SF1000. So let the waiting begin..
  2. My workaround for that is to Change the saturation ingame. You have to try a bit, but now i matched the wheel rotation to my old setting. But in the end, i want to change it in the Software like for every other Thrustmaster wheel..
  3. Do you guys have this problem only in F1 2020 or also in other games? Would be nice to know who is to blame for this. Thrustmaster or Codemasters? I also feel like the FFB isnt constant, sometimes its stronger, sometimes its lighter, sometimes its gone...
  4. Hello together, are there new information on this case? I also have the new Thrustmaster SF1000 Wheel and use it together with the TS-XW Wheelbase. For me its the same problem, the Thrustmaster Software wouldnt let me lower the wheel rotation more than 360 degrees. Also when you tab out of the game to do some stuff on the desktop and go back in, FFB is gone. I would love to use the Wheel with 300 degree wheel rotation but for now i cant get it to work. Its so frustrating spending a lot of money if it doenst work like intended... Greetings.
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