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  1. GingerVision27

    BETA 2021 | Taking Applications Now

    Application sent 👌 I hope to get a code, I cannot wait to see what the next generation of F1 racing will be like on my PS5. Exciting times !!!! 🏎🎮
  2. GingerVision27

    F1 2021 Beta PS5

    @Ultra3142 I have Searched and it looks like i have to be invited 🤷‍♂️
  3. GingerVision27


    I am a UK guy born and bread in the north east. I have followed Formula 1 for many years and participated in online seasons on ps3 and ps4 console. Now i have a ps5 console i am excited for the next generation of F1 racing !
  4. GingerVision27

    F1 2021 Beta PS5

    Hi Codemasters I have a PS5 console I am wondering will they be a BETA for the new F1 2021 ? Sooo excited to race F1 in next generation of gaming ! Many thanks.